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Mommy, how beautiful you are - home spa

Mommy, how beautiful you are - home spa

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Finally, the long-awaited spring has arrived, the beautiful sun, everything comes to life, and instead of enjoying, we often feel very tired. No wonder, taking care of your baby consumes all energy and free time, which makes the body overloaded. Gray skin, tired eyes, dry skin do not improve our well-being every day, on the contrary - it is even more overwhelming.

It would be best to go out for a few days in the tropics, return tanned, rested and preferably without cellulite or stretch marks, or go to the SPA, there certainly would improve our mood massage or properly selected treatment. But why spend a fortune if you can get an hour at the weekend and relax in your own private home SPA? With a little desire, we can even relax in the home bathroom.

A moment just for you

Let the husband or grandparents take care of the baby, for a moment forget about cleaning, porridges or diapers. Turn on romantic music, prepare soft towels, a bathrobe, light aromatic candles in the bathroom ... Get in a good mood.

First point - bathing

Put the water in the bathtub, choose one of the suggested baths and indulge in blissful relaxation for at least 15 minutes, trying to turn off thinking and calm the mind and body:

  1. A bath with the addition of aromatic oil (lavender, spring) will help you relax and moisturize the skin.
  2. A bath with sea salt will moisturize dry skin, remove fatigue and stimulate action.
  3. A bath with the addition of dried flower petals will make you feel like a real queen

If you do not have a bath tub, it is worth using the shower and making circular motions on the body. Slowly, not hurrying. In this way you will remove fatigue, relax and firm your skin.

Second point - peeling

Immediately after bathing, it's worth spending a few moments for a proper peeling. This is a good moment, because right now dead skin is soft and more susceptible to abrasion.

For this purpose, you can use the peeling purchased at the drugstore, but the one prepared at home can be equally effective. Just remember to rinse it thoroughly after the skin massage.

  1. Salt peeling: we put sea salt on gloves or a sponge and massage the body thoroughly in circular motions.
  2. Coffee peeling: coffee should be brewed in boiling water, and when it cools down, add a little oil and massage into a moist body in circular motions. Caffeine fights cellulite effectively, so if you have a problem with it, this scrub will be reliable.
  3. Sugar peeling: mix half a glass of sugar with a few tablespoons of honey and massage into the body. Sugar will help remove dead skin cells, and honey will moisturize and nourish the skin.

Third point - moisturizing

The next step to looking beautiful is moisturizing your skin. It is best to use a balm selected according to your needs, apply to the whole body and massage well. In this way, we will improve circulation and the balm will absorb well. If we want to strengthen the effect of the balm, it is worth wrapping the body with foil and then cover with a blanket for about 15 minutes. While we will relax lying under a warm blanket and reading an interesting book, our skin will become soft and well moisturized.

What else is worth remembering?


It would be a sin not to take care of your face after winter. Remember to do a thorough peeling not only of the body but also the face and then moisturize it thoroughly. Some helpful tips here.


Right now, after winter, the hair often "stuffed" in the hat cries out for help and asks for special treatment. The wisps can be greasy, or dry, faded or difficult to style. What to do? Already before bathing, it is worth rubbing into the hair specific hair so that not only the skin, but also the hair is renewed during it.

You can do it lotion in a chamomile infusion, which is perfect for light hair, adds a golden shade, restores shine and reduces the problem of oily hair. You can use too lemon juice, which, dissolved in water in the form of a rinse, will shine matte hair.

While egg yolk mixed with 2 tablespoons honey and yogurt and applied in the form of a hair mask (about 15 minutes) will regenerate dry, damaged and split ends.
Apple juice massaged into the scalp (rinse after 10 minutes) will help us in the fight against dandruff.


Hands are often dry after winter, cracked and rough. These are a bad showcase. They can come to the rescue:

  • Linseed - 3 tablespoons of grains pour a liter of water and cook for about 30 minutes, when the brew has cooled down, just soak your hands in it for about 15 minutes a day. Such a bath will moisturize the skin and accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis.
  • we cook the potato, mix, add yolk and two tablespoons of milk. Put the paste on your hands and cover with a warm towel. After 15 minutes, wash off and apply a moisturizing cream.
  • lemon - the juice squeezed out of the fruit should be thoroughly massaged into the hands until completely absorbed. The effect is immediate, the hands become smooth and soft.


After winter, feet often look neglected. Heels are hard, dry skin. It is worth taking care of them now so that they can be proudly presented in the summer.

Lets start with decent bath to soften the skin. While lying in the bathtub, remember to soak them well. However, if we want to take care of them especially, the best will be a foot bath in sea salt or with the addition of refreshing oil (lavender or mint). Feet should be soaked in warm water for about 15 minutes. During the bath, it is worth doing a peeling with sea salt, and then remove the callous epidermis from the heels with a special grater. At the end, just massage a special cream into the feet or a good moisturizer, which we use every day for body care.

Remember: relaxation is the most important thing! Unfortunately, nature can't be fooled!
A mask or a bath will not help if you lie nervously in the bathtub and think if nothing bad is happening to the baby ... Focus only on yourself and think about something pleasant, let it be only YOUR MOMENT OF RELAXATION. In the meantime, have a cup of good tea, read a book, and when you leave the bathroom you will feel more beautiful and full of energy!