Philips Avent orthodontic teat

Philips Avent orthodontic teat

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Avent teats are very popular. They are eagerly chosen by many parents, which can be seen in many online forums.

However, rightly so? Are they really worth the fairly high price?

Avent teats are available in two versions: 0-6m and 6m-18m and in many color versions. Among them can also be found illuminated teatsthat make it easier to find a child's comforter at night (unfortunately we have not yet checked this option, which is why we do not evaluate it).

According to the manufacturer, the Avent teat is a proposition comfortable and safe for the child, caring for the proper development of occlusion. Thanks to the convenient snap-on cap, you can also be sure that the teat will be kept clean. The most important part of the teat is made made of silicone, resistant to distortion. Holes in the teat's shield take care of free air flow. The shield is simple, therefore it does not deform or mark on the child's face.

Pacifiers can be used dishwasher safe and sterilize.

The advantage is also the straight tip and no need to think about how (which side) to put the dragon in your mouth.

The downside is the price (about 30 zlotys for 2 pieces). Fortunately, you can get teats cheaper online.

Plus for good availability. Avent teats can be bought in almost every store with children's products.

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