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There are many books about growing up to be a mother. You can look for similar stories about finding yourself in the role of father for a long time and without guarantee that we will find something interesting. Although the market is saturated with stories describing the dilemmas of modern parents, a good deal of them focus on the first years of a child's life. Little describes the dilemmas of fathers, who for various reasons do not have the chance to immediately feel responsible for the child. "Taft" stands out in this respect. Not only because of the content, but also because of the form.

The author of the novel is a laureate of many competitions, appreciated in prestigious reviews by critics around the world.

It is often the case that the perception of experts and experts on the subject differs from the view of readers. In this case this rule does not apply. The novel is perfectly written. Saturated with emotions and sudden twists, it keeps you in suspense.

"Taft" describes the fate of two fathers. The title Taft is the father of Fay, a charming girl who one day appears in John's bar, asking for a job and Carl, an unpredictable and lost boy, who seems to get only trouble. The other father is the aforementioned John, who misses his nine-year-old son: Franklin taken by his mother (Marion) to another city.

John does not officially appear in the documents as Franklin's father. This is because when he learns about the pregnancy of his teenage girlfriend, to put it mildly, he does not stand up to the task. When she finally matures to live together with Marion and raise her son, a woman is not able to forgive him the mistakes she has made. However, the story comes full circle and the same Marion, who can only argue with John, saves his life ... when a man caring for the fate of his brother Fay after the shooting does not go to the hospital, but seeks help from his would-be wife: a nurse.

The story described by Ann Patchett is fascinating in many ways. The fate of two families intertwine in an amazing dimension, and the events influence each other so that one has the impression that everything is happening next door. Despite this, some threads - like surgery on a man shot in the neck - exceed a certain limit of probability and quickly make you forget that the story described really happened. Is that good I do not know.

"Taft" is a novel about despair, stability of love, father's dilemmas, possibilities of protecting children, influence on their fate and decisions. On foreign pages presenting book reviews, I read the opinion that "Taft" is not as good a novel as the previous "State of Amazement" by the same author. Unfortunately, I do not know this, as soon as I reach the mentioned position, I will definitely edit this review and write something more.

I recommend it at the moment! And I don't do it very often ... so take a chance and read it! :)

Thank you to the Znak publishing house for providing a review copy of the book.

Attention, contest!

We have two of you two copies of this book that you can win in the competition. All you have to do is send an e-mail to: October 10 [email protected] with the note "Taft" to answer the question:

  • What moments with my father are the most valuable for a child?

We will reward the two most interesting answers. Everyone can send any number of competition entries. One entry should have a maximum of 1000 characters with spaces. Don't forget to sign with your name.


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