Baptism gift - what to choose?

Baptism gift - what to choose?

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Baptism is one of the most important and first important events in a child's life. The child accepts the faith of the parents, and the family faces a huge challenge - what to give the child? Of course, there can be many ideas (and sometimes they may not be at all), but you need to think carefully about what gift to buy and remember that the opportunity is special.

What to buy for a baptism gift? What to choose for a boy and what for a girl? Here are some suggestions:


Just put the banknote in the envelope and ready gift. It does not require much creative creativity, it suits both boy and girl. Money is the perfect solution if no other idea really comes to our minds. Parents decide what the child needs most and buy something themselves. However, it is worth thinking about this kind of gift, because we will not have any influence on what money will be spent and whether the child will benefit from it at all.

It can be assumed that parents will save money for a savings book for the future of the child, buy toys, clothes or simply spend on everyday shopping.

How much to put in the envelope? Well, everything depends on the wealth of our portfolio, it is known that with a small child every sum is useful. It is worth considering how much we can afford.


Toys love all children, even the smallest ones, so if a child is baptized as a monthly baby and we are afraid that it is too small for this type of gifts, nothing could be more wrong, in a few weeks it will be bigger and very happy with the gift.
Of course, there is no need to exaggerate with exaggerated toys (e.g. a remote-controlled car in the case of a newborn is a rather bad idea), why should the gift lie for several years in the closet before it can be used?

The most commonly chosen toys are educational mats, mascots (especially teddy bears of huge sizes, which I hardly recommend: they take up a lot of space and are impractical), rattles, a carousel for a cot.
There are a lot of such products in stores, especially educational toys, which are also welcome by parents: an educational bear, a ball or an educational table can work for a boy and a girl.

Once popular rocking horses are back in favor, and if you want to be more modern, you can choose a lion or a caterpillar on skids.

A good solution is to buy a ride car, preferably stable with the pusher function and the addition of lights, buttons and interesting melodies. This is the type of toy that grows with your child.

It is also worth considering the time of year in which christenings take place. For example, when a toddler was born in summer, sleds will be useful in winter, while when he was born in winter, it can be assumed that in the summer he will have great satisfaction with a water bath so you can buy a pool. Toddlers love swings, so this gift will make you happy, but let's think about buying it and parents will have no trouble setting up a large toy. Standing swings need a lot of space and do not work in small apartments: swings hung on a bar will be better. Before buying a toy, it's best to make sure that the child no longer has it, it's worth asking your parents about it, as there is no point in buying another one of the same or similar type.