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6 toys that parents (sometimes) can't stand

6 toys that parents (sometimes) can't stand

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Toys are loved by children and it is not surprising, they give many opportunities to spend free time, conducive to development and bring joy. We will not find a child who thinks that he has too many toys, which is why we parents often give in to pleading glances and buy more, even though the toddler's room is slowly running out of space.

Among the toys are those that are adored by children who are everyday playmates, as well as those who, out of the packaging, enjoy a quarter of an hour and land in the heap of others.

Children often get attached to toys, some like less, others more, but there are also toys that the parent hates and would like to get rid of them from home, if not for the sweet smile of a daughter or son.

Below six toys, which parents rarely like.


I do not want to raise the topic here that the gun is a military toy used to kill, because the parents' opinions on this topic are divided. More on the subject.

Rather, I mean additional functions that baby gun. Of course, I have nothing against water pistols or ordinary plastic "guns", because they do not pose a major problem. But all you need is an inconspicuous handgun that, when you press the trigger, makes such roaring (because sometimes this sound is difficult to compare to shooting) noises that even someone with huge amounts of patience may not stand it.

To make matters worse, guns with sounds that change from time to time, which can lead a potential parent not only to headaches, but to real madness. Because how can you endure such sounds all day? It would seem that the manufacturers of such toys believe that parents and children have hearing problems, assembling such loud sounds, while the potential parent and child have a more sharp sense of hearing than other people. Pistols are not the only loud toys, but they are perfect for representatives of the loudest ones.

A playing and shining car

Colorful, self-driving, glowing and playing cars especially love babies. They can observe a flashing and self-moving object without end. And if the car has colorful buttons that are used to release sounds, then the child's joy is guaranteed. And the parent eagerly reaches for such a toy in the store, happy that the toddler will be able to play by himself, and the content of the buttons makes the toy an educational product.

It is only during the game that it turns out that after 5 minutes the toy is very bothersome, not only that the sounds are loud and not catchy, they are also ubiquitous lights that blink with all possible colors without distraction, they are more distracting than they teach ... And the cars are the top glowing, which while driving bring out imitations of disco music or the ubiquitous melody "Jingle bells". Of course, this group of toys includes various types of pianos, computers, robots that shine, play cheaply and poison their parents' lives effectively.


Due to their educational qualities, the blocks are probably in every home where the child resides. They give the opportunity to start developing games, and you can play with them for several hours in many ways.

The blocks are fun, every child and almost every parent will admit. Now an unexpected and accidental meeting with a brick can be very unpleasant. It is puzzling that even with an orderly child, blocks can be everywhere: under a cabinet, under a rug, turning orderly surroundings into a "creative mess."

However, the mess created by blocks, which often get lost somewhere, is not the only problem. It's worse when we encounter such a block, going to the toilet at night with no lights, without putting on slippers. Stepping on a brick (especially a small one, e.g. Lego) causes a real explosion of anger and pain. Klocks are often also an obstacle for small, yet awkward children walking. All you need is a few scattered blocks on the floor to make the boy trip over, sometimes head on the next block.


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