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3 ideas for Christmas cards

3 ideas for Christmas cards

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Once, Christmas necks were sent with greetings for every Christmas. Then they were replaced by SMS and e-mails, although again wishes sent or transmitted in the form of cards come back to favors: they are often a sign of respect and the fact that the person to whom we send (especially the cards made by hand) is important to us. In addition, making cards with children is a way to create a pre-Christmas atmosphere.

For standard Christmas card preparation you will need:

  • Drawing and technical block with colorful pages,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • pencil.

Christmas card Reindeer

It takes to prepare

  • beige card from the technical block,
  • from the drawing block cards in red, white, blue and green.
  • black marker pen,
  • brown pencil
  • a few tiny gold stars.

To prepare the reindeer, we begin by folding the beige card in half. We draw the shape of the reindeer head with a pencil so that one side adheres to the fold of the page, remember to draw the ear and horns.

Then we cut out the shape of the reindeer head. Then we cut out the corners from a brown card (it's best to draw them from the previously cut head), a red nose, a hat (crescent) with a sheepskin coat (green stripe), then white and blue dots for the eyes (larger white, smaller blue).

One by one, stick the horns to the beige sheet, complement the hat with a lighter sheepskin coat, nose and eyes. With a black marker we draw a reindeer face and small freckles on the cheek and a brown pencil inside the ear. Finally, stick gold stars on the cap, you can also cut them out of a block or e.g. aluminum foil.

Christmas tree Christmas card

We need to perform

  • blue card from technical block,
  • green and yellow card from drawing block
  • as well as white glitter.

We cut 4 strips of the same length but different width from the narrowest to the widest. Next, we roll the straps into a harmonica, then bend them in half and glue them in the middle so that a fan arises.

Fold the blue card in half and successively glue the fans in the middle, starting from the top with the narrowest strip from which we made the fan. Glue the next fan underneath to the last one.

From the yellow card, we cut out the star and glue on the top of the Christmas tree, paint glue on the sides of the blue card with snowflakes and sprinkle with glitter.

Angel card

To prepare this card we need:

  • yellow card from technical block
  • cards from a drawing block: red, blue, blue, green, pink and orange.
  • a small toothpick,
  • 6 cm silver string
  • red and brown crayon,
  • gold stars
  • gold and blue glitter.

To prepare an angel, cut out its parts in succession: a pink head (circle), orange hair, blue wings, a red dress (rounded triangle), green shoes, orange handles and a songbook (a rectangle folded in half). To make the task easier, just draw a template of an angel on a white sheet, and then draw individual elements from it.

We fold the yellow card from the technical block in half and glue the cut wings, dress (we put it in a light roll and stick it from below), the angel's head and hair. Cut the silver string in half and glue it under the dress so that the hands are formed and stick the hands cut out from the orange card.

Toothpick cut in half and paste between the dress, forming legs, at the ends we glue green shoes. We glue the songbook to the angel's hands, draw a treble clef with glue on the front and sprinkle with gold glitter.

Gently glue the angel's hair with glue and sprinkle with glitter, similarly wings.

Finally, we decorate shoes and a dress, sticking e.g. a blue pocket with a cut heart, the bottom of the dress can be decorated with gold stars. To give the angel the character of a black marker pen, draw eyes, nose and face, brown eyebrow pencil, and red cheeks.

In the middle of the cards, remember to write the sincere wishes for the recipient :)