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Mikołajki's hand - for the present and as a souvenir

Mikołajki's hand - for the present and as a souvenir

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To make these interesting decorations we will need:

  • acrylic paints (red, black and white)
  • possibly nail varnish or wood varnish

Recipe for salt mass:

  • one cup of wheat flour
  • half a glass of salt,
  • half a glass of lukewarm water.

In a large bowl, mix flour and salt, add water and mix thoroughly. We knead until we get the right, uniform consistency. The mass must not be too sticky or too dry. It should be plastic.

Sprinkle the table or board with flour and reach for the rolling pin. The mass should be well rolled out, though thick enough so that after pressing the hand in places of the recess it does not crack.

Then we go to the most interesting part: we imprint the hands in mass, rotating it so that there are several of them, in this way we will get some decorations.

Before pressing your hand on the flour, you should sprinkle the baby's hand with flour - which will facilitate the task. Then, with a sharp knife, we cut out the resulting reflections of the hands, leaving a thin edge on each side. We will not forget to make a hole on each handle, which will allow you to hang decorations on the Christmas tree (fingers form the beard of Santa Claus, hence the hand hangs with his fingers down).

Now we move the metal sheet to a safe place and wait for the decorations to dry ... This is the most difficult stage of making them. Lasts two to four days.

When the decorations are dry, it's time to paint. We start with white paint, applying it to each of the hands. Thanks to this, when finishing work, we can reach for another color by painting a red cap on the first ornament, and at the very end reaching for black paint and a very thin brush that will draw the smallest elements - eyes, mustache. Make lips and ruddy cheeks by mixing red and white paint. On the reverse you can sign with the name of the child and enter the date.

When Santas dry, they can be varnished carefully.

The last step is to reach for the green ribbon, which will serve as a hook on the Christmas tree.

If we want the toddler to make decorations, the hands can be handed over to him, in this way he will definitely be happy to paint them with one color or apply glitter or other decorations.