Reusable diaper MINKY

Reusable diaper MINKY

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"Standard pocket - one size from 3-15 kg - made of: outer side - water-impermeable MINKY layer (100% polyester). Inner side - microfleece, a layer very soft to the touch giving a feeling of dryness, perfectly separates moisture from the baby's bottom. The set includes a 4-layer insert made of organic cotton (two outer cotton terry and two inner layers of microfiber) - very absorbent.
The diaper has double rows of naps, which allows a better fit to the baby's bottom, in addition, delicate elastics sewn into the diaper give complete freedom of movement.
The insert gains full absorbency after a few washes. "

First impression: the diaper is pleasant to the touch, gives the impression of being large and warm. It looks similar on the bottom. Compared to the tested diapers, BoboLider definitely stands out more under the baby's clothing, changing the size of the ass from S to L :)

When it comes to use, the diaper is easy to put on. We easily adapted it to the construction of a seven-month tester. After taking off, there was no problem with the pattern on the thighs. The diaper, apart from giving the impression of being large, was well arranged. It did not leak, although we did not have the opportunity to test "more content", rather average. When such a diaper falls into it, and the proposal from does not work, we will inform you in this review.

After a smaller pee, there was no need to wash the whole, only a contribution. After removing from the washing machine, the diaper dries quickly.

A diaper costs PLN 26.

It is sewn in China.

It is available in many really interesting designs.

We subtract the star for the impression of "packing" the ass, freshly after changing the diaper, and for Chinese production, which the manufacturer decided because of the lower cost.