Reborn - beauty that scares away

Reborn - beauty that scares away

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I saw intricately made porcelain dolls. I heard about vinyl dolls. I came across reborn by accident. Hand-painted, created to resemble a living child, a child who froze for a moment in a pose. They have blemishes characteristic of human skin, which, as in the case of newborns, is delicate and transparent, with a vein network visible underneath. They also have hair implanted, perfectly recreated fingerprints and genitals. They are so realistic in their puppet imitation of a tiny man that at first glance a bystander does not know that he is dealing with something artificial. Those that have been carefully refined can be so ugly that they are beautiful. This paradox lies in the fact that we are used to the everyday sweet, perfect-looking babies that our daughters play with. Reborns are shocking. You can admire them, or avoid them with a wide arc. One thing is certain, you cannot pass by them indifferently.

Completely different dolls

What are reborn? Specimens from the collection, works of art, toys for adult girls, replacement of live children for people who cannot have them, a souvenir of the loss of a beloved baby, a form of therapy, a manifestation of madness. Reborn is an "artistic transformation of the model into an infant," says Nursery - one of their creators. It should be added that if we treat them even as an unusual hobby, it is quite expensive.

What determines the price of reborn babies? From the materials that were used to create them, from the time and heart that had to be devoted to them, from the whims of ordering dolls to customers, from details, because in this case they really play a huge role. The more expensive the add-on, the better the refinement and longer durability, and more precisely the service life. We can buy reborn imitations for just under PLN 300. At this price we will simply get a doll, which will differ from its average competitor in a few details.

Short story

Reborning, or the art of creating newly born dolls, was created in the USA in the last decade of the last century. At first, the focus was on reworking the finished dolls, refining them and equipping them with features that could imitate a living child. The rubber bodies of small mannequins have been displaced by kits, i.e. reproductions of original sculptures, described by specialists as sculpt. Their basis is hand-made vinyl. Because of this, reborns began to be born, not reborn. After the United States, artists fascinated by the phenomenon appeared in Great Britain and Germany.

How to create the perfect reborn?

There are special courses where you can learn reborn techniques. In online stores, on popular auction sites, you can buy individual body parts and clothes for these unique dolls. The process of creating rebirths for a layman seems to be extremely complicated. The most beautiful base models, made of high-quality putty come from the hands of artists Andre Stoete, Gudrun Legler and Eva Wosniuk. If we consider top-class reborn guns, glass eyes are used to create them, thanks to which the doll's look has a characteristic depth. To color and touch resemble a human body, doll surfaces are painted several times with Genesis paints (some artists use Little Dreams Collection paints for this), and then baked. Thanks to this, the reborn's skin does not fade or rub off. The amount of applied layers often reaches thirty. To keep them durable for years, they are hardened at high temperature with Verniks. To get the effect of wet lips and natural-looking nails, they are covered with a special varnish. Hair is implanted with two techniques - individually (microrooting) or tufts of 2-3 hair each (rooting), and then cured with glue. Later, you can style your hair and fix it with a special conditioner. Depending on the part of the body, the doll's center is filled with rubber granules, polyester cotton wool and glass and metal balls. The weight of the reborn depends on the filling, which is to resemble the weight of a small child.

Do not buy a pig in a poke

Original rebounds are equipped with a certificate and layette. There is also a special instruction for these dolls. It looks like a newborn baby's care. It should be remembered that delicate hair, made of American mohair, has been individually implanted in the doll's head, you need to moisten and comb with a baby brush.

What should be considered when choosing a real reborn? If you decide to buy a doll on the auction site, pay attention to how many pieces are exhibited by the seller. Reborns are not luxury cars that come off the production line in whole series. Each doll is one of a kind, and if someone offers us the purchase of several pieces similar to each other - we should light a red warning lamp in such a situation.

Some rebirths can be extremely convincing, and not just because of their appearance. They can have built-in breathing mechanism, thanks to which their bellies and chests fall and rise like a live baby. They even smell like a freshly bathed baby. However, if in the description of the auction we find information that a given "reborn" has the function of peeing, drinking from a bottle or moving eyes, it is simply the world in which we came across a fraudster who is trying to push a doll like "Baby born".
For a real reborn, who impresses with the mere fact of existence, we will pay from 1500 PLN to 3000 PLN. The price includes materials from which the doll, clothes, jewelry as well as the time and work of the creator of the doll were made.

What's all the fuss about?

In addition to being reborn they can be the object of desire of many collectors, they also cause a lot of controversy. Their creators warn that they cannot be treated as training dolls that prepare young people to be parents. Remember the American films and series that young heroes received in school sack of flour to look after him like his own child? This test of temporary parenting was improved and students received specially programmed dolls as part of the subject preparing for family life.

Reborns do not have functions that would teach people how to handle a hungry, tearful baby. They are also not suitable for small children as toys. They were made of durable but delicate materials that, as a result of improper treatment, can simply break down. Even the idea of ​​using a reborn to tame a child with a younger sibling to be born is unsuccessful. They are not able to teach our branch sensitivity or empathy for another family member.
The harm that a child could do to reborn as a result of jealousy or boredom would have catastrophic consequences if similar actions were taken on a live baby. Opponents of these original dolls emphasize that wealthy singles or women who are unfulfilled in motherhood treat reborn women as a substitute for their own offspring. It is such a casual and convenient solution that consists of having a nice looking child devoid of any unpleasant qualities hidden under physiological needs, having collections, falling into hysteria, etc.

Some psychologists stigmatize people who order a reborn like their deceased child. Such therapy allegedly does not make it easier to come to terms with the painful loss, but it advises against the accompanying pain and a sense of emptiness that the doll is unable to fill.
Art to order

Artists creating these unique dolls are centered around Academy of Polish Artists Reborn. We can buy ready reborns from them or place an order for the doll we are interested in. It is worth thinking about a few things - do we want the doll to have open or closed eyes, are we interested in a wig, or maybe we prefer implanted hair, what size, skin color and gender should our reborn have, or do we prefer that the doll has a face without blemishes would we like moles, birthmarks or freckles to appear on it? Perhaps you dream of reborn from a limited edition equipped with a belly platewho is flaccid like the delicate body of a newborn baby, breathes and you can feel the beating of his heart?

Writing about reborn, I used the information that I found on the blogs of artists involved in their creation. Each of them spoke about dolls that were born thanks to their work, in an extremely sensitive way, as if they treated them like their own children. Pictures in the article by Daria (//, Yeterllen (//, Jagody (// and Realistic Reborn Dolls (/ / only partially reflect the beauty and character of the dolls I've fallen in love with.