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What surprises the most after having a baby?

What surprises the most after having a baby?

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You are nine months pregnant. It is theoretically enough to prepare for what awaits after delivery. In practice, the list of things that surprises after the birth of a child is very long: because something was not thought of, something imagined differently, to which there was no answer on popular websites for parents, or in the colorful, often showing an idealized image of motherhood and fatherhood in the press.

And as acceptance

Many mothers are surprised at how natural they breastfeed. Suddenly, the part of the body used for feeding becomes similar to the hand or face we reveal and we see nothing unusual about it.
Despite the frequent doubts you have before getting pregnant or even when you are carrying a baby under your heart, the most common problem after giving birth is not feeding your baby next to his brother, father-in-law, not to mention his mother or friend. This activity becomes so natural and ordinary that sometimes it surprises even in mothers themselves. Paradoxically, it is perceived with greater embarrassment by the surroundings, loved ones who often do not know where to look when a woman puts the baby to her breast.

B like a stomach

Equally big surprise can be the appearance of the abdomen, which is still quite large after delivery. It is of such a size that it becomes impossible to put on your favorite pants and maternity clothing remains necessary. On the other hand, suddenly after a few months you can see your feet.
Many mothers, when they return to photos taken a few weeks after delivery, can't believe that they looked like that and so quickly they managed to return to their previous weight or close to the original weight.
An additional surprise is also abdominal pain when breastfeeding in the first weeks after delivery, which involves the need to replace the sanitary napkin.

D like big breasts

This is usually one of the nicest surprises. Suddenly you can see that the shapes change. Bust when breastfeeding simply delights, especially if you wore small cups before pregnancy. After giving birth, you can often boast of size D or even larger. Wearing blouses with a neckline becomes a pleasure ...

E like energy

After giving birth, you are tired, but the excess of emotions usually does not allow you to sleep. He falls on his face from exhaustion, but the sight of a sweet sleeping baby is more attractive. Even the largest sleepers are able to function normally with intermittent sleep for several hours and being in full readiness 24 hours a day. It is surprising how much strength you can have for someone you have only been watching for a few hours / days / weeks.

K like poop

There is no shortage of revolution in thinking in this topic. There are so many of them that you could write a book about them, because a breastfed child can poop up to a dozen times in one day, because the poop has a liquid consistency, and at the beginning it is pitch-black, because in the first weeks it doesn't stink, because her presence or absence can be so stressful ...

M like husband

There may be a husband, there may be a ground floor. After giving birth, men often surprise us in many ways. Those who have slept like dead, rise to the challenge and get up to the baby at night. Some even stop snoring as if they were subconsciously afraid of waking the child.
Suddenly, it turns out that many who have not yet entered the kitchen, find their way to the pan and pots. There is no shortage of those who find the right buttons in the washing machine. There are also those who show emotion for the first time, crying at the birth of a son or daughter, which is a surprise not only for them, but also for partners. Also for this reason that it is not associated with embarrassment and is so natural ...

N like never again

A few days after giving birth, one often feels pain with oneself: one remembers the whole delivery action more or less in detail. You are tired, you experience labor pains and you promise yourself never again: no more children, no more pain and this kind of suffering.
You can keep your resolution for months or even years. In the end, however, usually comes the moment (though of course it does not have to) when you feel that you want to have another child. Sometimes this desire remains in the sphere of dreams, other times it is realized.

Oh how bouncing

It may surprise you that many midwives say that you don't have to bounce your baby after breastfeeding, and that the baby doesn't always bounce back. The truth is that a lot depends on how the child eats and at what stage of development he is. If it is greedily and a lot of milk flows from the breast, it is necessary to bounce the child. If it is older and can sit up and walk even more, it probably will not be necessary, because the child will just bounce, without your additional efforts. When breastfeeding at night, when the baby eats often in sleep, belching is unnecessary. It is not worth waking up the baby in this way.

P for travel

It is enough that he wants to move with the child somewhere outside the house for more than two hours, and the need to demonstrate logistical ability may surprise. It is not enough to have one bag for holidays, you will need to take a few and take into account the mass of situations and circumstances that may occur. For a few months, you may not even be able to believe that the child will eventually start walking, talking and eating what the adults have, which will greatly facilitate movement (of course, when it comes to the number of items taken on a journey, though this is not always ...).

S like meaning

Before birth, many things seem important. You have a job or passion that you devote a lot of time to. They look with surprise at screaming babies and parents who are more or less patiently trying to calm them down. They are seen out of the corner of the eye when we meet friends with a smile. We enjoy a free moment over the book, spend time running or going to the gym. Life is perfect or close to ideal. Until you start thinking about your child.
When a baby is born, it may not be right away, but in the end it is noticed that, contrary to what was previously thought, we are changing. We are calmer, we have more patience, definitely more strength. A surprise is what sooner or later we discover that only now our lives make sense. We can't remember what it used to be and how we could have lived before with this little crumb that we now have at our side.

It's like longing

Longing is born with the child. Even when we go to relax and feel only a woman or rediscover the charms of being just the two of us, it remains in the back of the head. He is with us, even in our thoughts, and we just miss. We must learn to trust other people to leave our child looked after and do something other than itself. This is difficult. Longing and anxiety are even greater when we return to work. Even when work is a passion and we perform our professional duties with real pleasure ...

The above list could be much longer. Dear parents, will you complete it? Write about your impressions in the comments.