13 uses of mother's milk

13 uses of mother's milk

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Mother's milk is like the elixir of life, it has many uses, but above all it is the first food of a small person.

Feminine food supports the child's immune system, protects against diseases and also contains valuable ingredients necessary for proper growth and development of the baby. And although many of us believe that mamine milk is only used to satisfy the craving for an infant, nevertheless this valuable fluid is also used by many for other purposes.

Body lotion

Feminine food contains a lot of valuable ingredients that have a beneficial effect on dry baby skin. Therefore, a small amount of milk is enough to smear into the skin and moisturize it, especially in dry areas. For this we are sure that it did not sensitize the child and does not contain artificial additives.

Cream for itchy changes

When a child is bitten by a mosquito, fly or other insect, all you need to do is grease the bite site with a small amount of breast milk to relieve itching and speed up healing. In the same way, you can use breast milk to lubricate the changes in chickenpox, it will heal faster and bring relief to the baby. And a compress made of breast milk will bring relief to a child when an itchy lesion appears at the vaccination site.

Bubble bath

A few drops of female food added to the water in a baby bath tub will thoroughly cleanse the skin, soothe irritations and gently moisturize.

Ointment for injured warts

Probably every woman at the beginning of breastfeeding suffered from wounds or irritation of the nipples. One of the effective methods for these unpleasant ailments is to lubricate the nipples with breast milk after each feeding or to make compresses from it. Feminine milk will help soothe irritations and disinfect the wounds on the nipples.

Nose drops

If the child is troubled by a bothersome runny nose, and we do not have (or do not want to use) nasal drops, we can replace them with mamin milk. Just apply a few drops of milk to your nose to make it easier for your child to breathe and speed up treatment.

Eye drops

Female milk is an excellent antibacterial and soothing agent. When the toddler has conjunctivitis or a purulent eye, just wash them several times a day with a cotton swab moistened in mother's milk.

Wound disinfectant

Studies have shown that milk contains valuable ingredients that also have a disinfectant effect. Therefore, if your toddler has minor cuts, acne, sore spots or a badly healing belly button, all you have to do is wash these places with breast milk several times. In this way, we will not only sterilize the wound, but also save the child the pain and pinching that usually accompanies the application of other sanitizers.

Sunburn balm

Due to the fact that mother's milk has antibacterial, but also soothing irritations, it is perfect for sunburns. Just a small amount of food smeared in a sore spot to immediately feel relief.