Cheapest diapers - where is this week?

Cheapest diapers - where is this week?

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  • BoboVita a dish for children with different flavors in Real supermarkets for PLN 5.49 PLN 190g, where the second product 50% cheaper, i.e. PLN 2.74
  • BoboVita tea for children, various types, 400g for PLN 16.99 in Real supermarkets.
  • Hipp milk-rice porridge in Real at 7.99 PLN per pack 2x190g (jars)
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge pack for 6.95 PLN in Real supermarkets
  • BoboVita porridge for children 2x230g set for PLN 11.19 at Tesco, in Kaufland BoboVita milk-rice-multi-cereal porridge for PLN 5.99, pack of 230g
  • Humana modified milk for children packaged in Real supermarkets for PLN 23.99
  • Hipp rice wafers pack for 3.59 pcs in Real
  • BoboVita dish for children, 4 packs of 125g for PLN 10.47 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Nestle porridge for children, packaged 230g for PLN 6.65 in Tesco supermarkets (offer valid until February 26, 2014)
  • BoboVita milk-rice porridge pack 230g for 7.99 PLN or 3x230g for 15.98 PLN in Polo Market
  • Hipp BIO yogurt desserts 160g pack for PLN 4.99 with LifeStyle card at Super-Pharm
  • BoboVita dessert for children 4 packs of 125g for 7.95 PLN at Tesco
  • BoboVita dessert and lunch 2 packs of 190g for PLN 7.48 at Tesco
  • Hipp BIO children's dishes of different types in 125g pack for PLN 2.99 at Super-Pharm
  • Nestle rice porridge 4 packs of 180g for PLN 15.87 at Tesco
  • Gerber 6x130g dish or dessert for PLN 16.74 at Tesco + 3 teaspoons for free
  • Gerber milk dessert 4x100g at Tesco for PLN 8.99
  • BoboVita children's dish pack 190g for PLN 3.85 in Kaufland
  • Mother and me spring water pack 1.5 liters for PLN 1.29 at Tesco
  • Bebiko modified milk for children at Super-Pharm for PLN 13.99, pack of 350g
  • BoboVita lunch packet 250g for PLN 6.79 or 3x250g for 13.58 in Polo Market stores
  • Gerber dishes for children, 4 packs of 130g for the price of 3 in Carrefour, i.e. PLN 10.47
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge pack of 230g for 7.99 PLN at Super-Pharm

Hygienic products

  • Bobini baby wipes for PLN 6.49, where the second product is 50% cheaper, i.e. 3.24 in Real stores
  • Johnson's Baby baby body oil for PLN 9.99 PLN 200ml pack at Super-Pharm
  • Pampers baby diapers wrap Economy Box Plus various sizes at a price of 74.99 PLN in Tesco supermarkets
  • Bobini baby shampoo pack 400ml for PLN 5.69 in Real supermarkets
  • Johnson's Baby cosmetics for children, various packaging for PLN 9.99 in Real supermarkets
  • Pampers Active Baby various pack sizes for 36.99 PLN in Kaufland
  • Huggies baby wet wipes pack of 64 for PLN 4.49 at Super-Pharm, Huggies baby wet wipes pack of 3x64 pcs. for PLN 9.79 in Kaufland
  • Pampers baby wet wipes pack of 6x64 pcs. at Tesco for PLN 24.99
  • Nivea Baby at Super-Pharm selected body care products at the price of 9.99 PLN with a LifeSTyle card
  • Tesco baby diapers, packaged at PLN 24.99 at Tesco supermarkets
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers 2xmore pack for PLN 84.99 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Jelp fabric softener, fabric softener, 1 liter pack for PLN 8.99 at Tesco
  • Jelp Fresh hypoallergenic washing gel pack of 2 l for PLN 38.49 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Johnson's Baby baby cosmetics 30% cheaper at Tesco
  • Bella Mamma breast pads 30 pcs. for PLN 9.99 or 60 items At PLN 17.99 at Super-Pharm


  • Avent Natural 260ml bottle at Tesco for 34.99 PLN + Bepanthen ointment for free
  • Racer GP123 car seat for children (9 to 36kg) at PLN 139 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Hauck travel cot at Tesco for PLN 139, dimensions 120 × 60 cm
  • Sena Capri stroller at PLN 279 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Nuk liquid for washing bottles and teats 380ml + 30% for free at PLN 21.99 at Tesco
  • Canpol breast pads in Tesco pack of 40 + 40 pcs free PLN 16.99 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Avent Natural breast pump 139 PLN set at Tesco
  • Selected OKT products at Tesco 20% cheaper
  • Tesco diaper diaper for PLN 2.39 each
  • RedKite highchair for PLN 119 at Tesco
  • NUK all bottles 20% off at Super-Pharm

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