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Edis' umbrella

Edis' umbrella

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Edisa's umbrella was to replace its predecessor: an umbrella added for free when buying a Tako stroller. Unfortunately, it wasn't better. Despite the friendly service of the store and the undoubted plus in the form of purchases made directly from the Polish manufacturer, local patriotism did not overshadow the undoubted disadvantages of this model. It is not even comforting that it is very difficult to find a good quality umbrella for a stroller that will meet all the requirements of a parent ...

Basic minus for matching. The manufacturer describes the product in the categories "universal, matching stroller and deep pram" with a round and oval frame. That's not true. In the case of our stroller (oval frame) the umbrella did not pass the exam. Its adjustment, even by people who like to "pokombinować" that something worked, did not give such effects as we expected. The umbrella handle is extremely impractical, and with stronger wind the umbrella stops sticking even at the base. Not to mention that she skewed at the top, staggering in every direction.

The manufacturer in the description indicates that the umbrella protects against "sun" (truth) and "rain" (not true). Of course, when buying an umbrella protecting from the sun, we did not expect that it would also be a barrier to rain. However, why does the producer mention it? What is the purpose of misleading customers? Out of curiosity, we checked how the material reacts to a slight "rain" from the shower head. It wasn't a surprise that the material didn't last even a minute. Leaked.

Another disadvantage is stability, the umbrella has a design that has not even withstood the season. Of course, when using it in nice weather. In the case of a windy but sunny aura, the Edis umbrella was not used (after the first unsuccessful attempt to mount it in the felt wind). Small rods at the very top of the umbrella fell off, which caused the umbrella to lose stability.

Fortunately, there are pluses that somehow sweeten this unsuccessful choice. The umbrella is available in many colors. There is no slightest problem with its adjustment to the stroller in this respect. It was made of thicker material. In addition, the low price is also an advantage: around PLN 30. Umbrellas of other brands are also on sale, for which you have to pay 60, 100 or 150 zlotys.


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