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I am a teenage mother ...

I am a teenage mother ...

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I am sitting on a park bench and I see a nicely dressed couple with a beautiful pram, which probably cost a fortune, beautiful smiles and happiness written on the face. I look at myself and see a teenager who will soon have to get involved in the world of parents walking and staring at the face of a sleeping baby. I am looking again at this happy family and only one thing comes to my mind, will I be able to afford it? Will my child be happy with only what I can give him?
My name is Dominika, I am 17 years old and 8,5 months old son. After a while, I declare that I am a proud MOM.

I got pregnant when I was 16 years old after 8 months with Krzysiek. The family found out in the 3rd month of pregnancy, when my aunt took me to a gynecologist. I cried, but somewhere deep in my heart I felt that maybe now I would find my happiness somewhere that I didn't have much in my life.

There were various possibilities

We considered every possibility, although we immediately put aside the thought of putting the child for adoption. We wanted to raise our son as best as possible. Krzyś was with me all the time: all through pregnancy. Immediately, when he found out, he was looking for opportunities to earn even the smallest income, without leaving school. He went to technical school in the first grade. We both said that learning is a priority for us, because only thanks to graduation will we give our little one a better life. And so months passed under the sign of anxiety and many unknowns. With each flow of cash, we supplied with bedding, mattress, cosmetics for the toddler. We planned to continue living ...

Work and money

During the holidays, Krzyś found a job, for poor money, but still tried to endure. In the summer, we sold our textbooks, and, in addition to what we already had, we could afford a really great pram with a stroller, car seat, etc. The kind we had all those around us. I was happy.


On August 28, 2011, at 3 o'clock, my waters broke, Krzyś quickly came to the hospital. When he was with me, I felt that everything would go well. Until ... due to the fact that he was 5 months old by his 18th birthday, he could not be with me. I was heartbroken.
His sister was with me instead.

At 9.44 I gave birth to a beautiful boy. The first thing I wanted to know is if my child is healthy and able to hug them as soon as possible. After 3 days we left the hospital and this is where real LIFE began.

Living with a child

It's more difficult because I don't live with Krzys. That's why I spend most of my time alone with our son. Still, we can get along with Krzys.

We've been together for over 2 years, but we don't think about getting married, we want to make sure that our relationship lasts.

I go to school on weekends, then we are at Krzyś's and he stays with the little one, he goes to school during the week and so the following months go by.

How others see us

Unfortunately, we still encounter negative opinions about early motherhood. If I could, I would probably wait for my life to stabilize, but when there is no way to choose, you have to take the burden of consequence.

From this place I warn young people against early parenting. I haven't moved home without my son since I was pregnant. At that time, however, I got rid of all my friends who always offered support and disappeared somewhere between the fourth and fifth parties. Now I am surrounded by people who I can count on one hand - unfortunately.

At present, however, I feel that I have managed. There is a circle of people who are still whispering behind my back about my age and this "poor", according to them, a baby in a pram, and I try to look at it from a different perspective. The child gave me a reason to keep going and try to get the most out of it.

A great disadvantage of people is, among others compartmentalization. Although I try not to be surprised, in the end you hear so much about mothers who give birth to children at a young age and later abandon them somewhere to their fate. Anyway, each of us should think about before judging another person and not only a young mother, but also fathers, because they also exist. Like girls, they can take care of a child: bathe, swaddle, feed ...

My appeal

He is also warmly asking parents of teenagers. Try not to be angry. Girls who are already crumbling enough on their heads will not be able to take on more blows, especially from their loved ones.

Let's support young mothers - do not condemn them immediately to condemnation and gossip around every corner. As soon as you give us a little confidence, you will be able to see that we are worth more than you might think. And despite everything, we are just like other women, just Mothers.

By writing this text, I am going to prove to many people that it is possible to cope in every situation, and to show my son that despite such a young age, I was able to make him my whole world. Every smile from Ksawery confirms my belief that I am a good mother, and I will not give it to any gossip - for nothing in the world, because when we are three, nothing else matters.