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"Midwife 3550 birth miracles"

"Midwife 3550 birth miracles"

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Midwife of stars. A lady known at one time from advertisements for certain intimate hygiene products. We heard her voice on the radio many times during the day. It could be remembered. For some, it is almost inaccessible, a celebrity from the screen, for others, those who had the opportunity to get to know her: a professional, full of positive emotions, paving new paths in her profession. A brave woman who, after she gave birth, wanted to take care of the fate of the women giving birth, restoring their subjectivity and giving them the chance to experience the most beautiful moments in their lives in the way they deserve.

Jeannette Kalyta wrote a book in which she collected fantastic stories, describing her path of adolescence as a midwife and woman. In this way she summed up 25 years of hard work, in which she showed courage, strength and determination.

She created a book that needs to be read. Even if some of its fragments would irritate - especially those devoted to supernatural powers, clairvoyants, fairies - this is certainly a position that absorbs with extraordinary curiosity. The midwife shows her talent: a light pen and the gift of convincing skeptical people who claim that medicine and modern solutions outweigh the natural instincts and eternal desires of women. Kalyata leaves behind an aura of mystery and humility before the forces controlling births from the beginning of mankind. He believes in the power that lies in every woman giving birth to a child.

Jeannette Kalyata is one of the most famous midwives. Considered the best in many circles. Uncompromising in her fight for women's dignity.

Already during the internship she introduced the headmaster in amazement, when instead of cutting off the umbilical cord and giving the child to weigh immediately, she handed it to her mother, laying on her stomach and watching the gratitude in her eyes. Over time, everything went by itself: taking births at home, in rooms adapted to the needs of giving birth, in the bathtub, in positions chosen by women, help in breastfeeding, support in difficult moments. Jeannette also describes the shock of seeing a vegetarian eating the placenta, the comments of a woman's husband, which amazed the entire medical staff when he aggressively cheered on a woman giving birth for too long, problems with the progress of delivery in a 20-year-old, afraid of becoming a mother ...

Jeannette tells the story of the strength of the female body, his preparation to give birth to a new life, confronting the history of a given family, its myths and even demons. It illustrates how much effort the muscles and soul have to put in for a new man to be born, why often the whole process goes wrong with the birthing idea: when it can be changed and when it is not possible.

In this way he describes the oldest profession in the world. A midwife who forever changes the way women think about themselves.

Thank you to the Open Publishing House for sharing a review copy of the book.