A 9-year-old married a 62-year-old woman

A 9-year-old married a 62-year-old woman

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This is not normal but practiced.

A 62-year-old woman, mother of five children, Helen Shabangu has just renewed her marriage with a 9-year-old boy, Sanele Masilela. The ceremony took place in South Africa a few days ago. The couple got married last year, this year's ceremony, which took place in the bride's hometown in mid-July, was an element of tradition to guarantee the favor of the ancestors.

Why was the ceremony held for the second time?

Because the boy wanted it, because he complained that both families did not recognize this marriage and that it could be officially approved, a traditional part is needed. It also aims to meet two families.

In fact, the woman has a husband and the marriage ceremony with a 9-year-old took place in his company. The man emphasized: "My children and I are happy because we have no problem marrying her boy and I don't care what other people say."

Where did the idea for the wedding come from? Sanele, a fourth grade student, shared his visions with adults. He was to experience them thanks to his deceased grandfather, who never married. Apparently the ghost wanted his grandson to do it on his behalf. If the adults did not allow it, the boy would die or go crazy - say gathered at the ceremony.

At the wedding there was a white dress, cake, party, guests ...

What do the boy's parents say?

"People ask if they will live together, sleep together, have children, but I tell them that after the wedding everything will return to normal - nothing will change" - said the boy's mother - "This whole ceremony is to make our ancestors happy . So that the boy's health is not endangered. "

The boy was examined by social workers, assessing his mental health. Is healthy. He was found to only practice the culture in which he was growing up.


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