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Pyramid of circles

Pyramid of circles

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My daughter, barely 3 months old, got a giftBrilliant Basics ™ Pyramid with wheels. The producer (Fisher Price) offers a toy children from 6 months. Below is a brief description of the manufacturer: "The child can sort and stack the discs one on top of the other and, hitting the base, observe how they tilt in different directions. Bright colors, shiny reflections and spinning balls stimulate the child's senses and increase fun! " The pyramid increases and develops precise motor ability by sorting and stacking discs and by hitting and rocking it. In addition, it also stimulates general mobility.
From my observation it is the best combination of the world of modern toys with classic. A child under 6 months can observe colors, put the handles into larger elements, grab the pyramid's headband, or bite the toy freely. The larger ones begin to operate the discs for their intended purpose, so they begin to arrange them. Initially chaotic, but over time, he notes that the correct order allows you to fit all the rings on the bow. With this tower, our kid does not have to part even in the bath. And as it is a manual "combiner", it will soon notice that the headband can be unscrewed from the base ... An older child arranges the discs without the slightest trouble, almost mechanically and imperceptibly to himself. In the case of my daughter, she arranged the discs without interrupting the second game! And this is the moment when the task should be made more difficult for the child by introducing the colorful Smyk tower.

Pyramid for more advanced

This wooden toy has more elements, the disc holes are of equal size, perfectly matching the diameter of the bow. Here, "automat" is not enough. You need to demonstrate precision and accurate aiming of the disc. For safety, the headband with the base is connected with an elastic band, thanks to which it simply lays down during pressure, preventing "pumping" onto the pile.

The tower is completed a ball that has only one possibility to put on (in contrast to a similar toy from Ikea, whose ball has holes for cross). The downside of such an "older" tower is the lack of enforcement of arranging the discs in order. Here, go with the child to the advanced group and begin the exercises of size differentiation and sorting by it. The manufacturer recommends this toy to children over 12 months. However, I think that if Malec started his adventure with the Fisher Price sorter, then after mastering the art of arranging discs, he can go to the Smyk tower. An additional attraction for the child is the possibility of "connecting" the towers interchangeably, putting discs on the brackets of both towers. Naturally, the Smykowa tower discs will not fit on FP. However, placing plastic discs on a wooden handle allows you to rediscover the fun. An additional attraction can be introduced by parents, creating mini-rings hanging around the floor from discs. It is phenomenal fun that draws not only the child, but also parents or grandparents! After a while, you can see the whole family playing on the floor. And only in this observation you wonder who the child is here and who is the adult ...

In my opinion and observing the phenomenon of sorters among other Mums, I am convinced that this classic toy in a new setting develops not only the motor skills and mobility of the child (as provided by the producer Fisher Price), but also concentration, manual skills, recognition of the size of objects, the ability to sort by size, color shades, or according to the chosen logic and principle. In the latter, only imagination limits us. In addition, the toy teaches the basic elements of balance in building. The colors and precision of workmanship attracts to use and stimulates the child's visual and tactile stimuli. Older children on the canvas of the sorter can learn color names as well as counting. By grabbing a wooden tower with an incomplete set of discs, the child shaking it will create a sound by itself, and thus create an instrument! Just holding and hitting individual discs. With the help of a parent, he can thread the discs on a string. This fun, in turn, opens the gates of imagination even more widely and introduces you to the world of unlimited fun.

It clearly shows that such a toy is an investment for years, which will not only open the child's world of imagination, but also science.

This is my Parental HIT, which our grandparents and parents enjoyed, and now our children can enjoy its unlimited possibilities.