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"Calming the child"

"Calming the child"

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What to do when you no longer know what to do?

Even unusually calm children sometimes do so much that we don't know how to help them. Sometimes we notice with horror that we lose our nerves and self-control. Not without reason, as Brazelton writes, many cross the border and show their weakness ... bullying a child. Seeing no other way out, not having enough strength, they indulge in the clutches of fatigue, frustration and anger.

Police chronicles show that the most acts of violence affect children in their difficult periods of development, when the baby is especially tearful, when due to the developing nervous system he makes fun in the evenings, not being calm for several hours. Also when children in their second year, unwilling to cooperate and willing to show their emotions in an extreme way, for example by falling into hysteria, upset their parents.

Is there a way to do this? How to calm your child and at the same time take care of yourself?

That's what this book is about, which in a penetrating and balanced way answers how to react to the so-called "colic", how to deal with a "grumpy baby", a yearling waking up at night, how to deal with hysteria or at the moment of the greatest emotions of a parent has the right to ignore the child's behavior and hug it only when it calms down, is it better to do what many experts now recommend: holding the child when it struggles and hits blindly?

Brazelton is an experienced doctor and psychologist, not only a theoretician, but also a person who has completed many years of work. Therefore, he lectures his theses on the basis of observation and excellent communication with the parents of his patients, confirming them in practice - also in private life.

The publication "Calming the child" has the advantage that it discusses ways to calm the child at every stage of life, starting from newborns, through infants, and ending with several-year-olds and preschoolers. Amazingly aptly the author explains the child's emotions at every stage of development, discusses the basic mistakes that parents make, showing and explaining how to proceed to be in harmony with themselves, and at the same time take care of themselves - their own rest and time.

The author convinced me 100%. I feel bought. :) I recommend to all parents!

Thank you to the Gdańsk Psychological Publishing House for sharing a copy of the review book.


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