The 4-year-old died of sepsis. Watch your child!

The 4-year-old died of sepsis. Watch your child!

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Menigococcal infections, although rare, do not give doctors much time to act. Therefore, as parents, we should pay special attention to the child if he has a fever, complains of a headache and notice a rash.

On Saturday a boy who attended a kindergarten in Warsaw died. Guilty was meningococcal sepsis, which is a disease caused by bacteria that live in the nose and throat of the human under favorable conditions that can cause infection.

Children between 3 months and 3 years of age with weakened immunity are particularly vulnerable (read - how to naturally and effectively care for a child's immunity).

Meningococci are responsible in 90% of cases for meningitis and sepsis. However, such extreme consequences are very rare.

Watch out for red spots

Observe the child. If your toddler has a fever and has red spots (even two) on his chest or back, contact your doctor immediately.

This is especially important if the spots do not fade under pressure. Then we can almost be sure that the disease was caused by meningococci.


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