Meningitec against meningococci - contaminated vaccines withdrawn

Meningitec against meningococci - contaminated vaccines withdrawn

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Control of all series of Meningitec vaccines against meningococcal group C, which have been produced since October 2012, revealed anomalies. The vaccine is given to infants from 2 months of age. It turns out that some have been contaminated with iron oxide (rust) and oxidized stainless steel.

All unused contaminated lots of Meningitec meningococcal vaccine worldwide have been discontinued. To date, since the launch of Meningitec, 50 million doses have been distributed throughout the world.

In Poland, 24/09/2014 The Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate issued a decision to withdraw from the nationwide the 7 series of this vaccine due to "... the presence of visible visible pollution in the abovementioned medicinal product ... ' Pollution has been reported by the producer.

What series of meningococcal vaccines have been withdrawn in Poland?

G81989, expiration date: 09.2014
G81071, expiry date: 09.2014
H06771, expiry date: 11.2014
H23070, expiration date: 11.2014
J51271, expiry date: 09.2015
J80239, expiry date: 10.2016
J79722, expiration date: 09.2014

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