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Oh sleep, honey ... Tiny Love-Serenada Natura carousel review

Oh sleep, honey ... Tiny Love-Serenada Natura carousel review

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Before I came up with the idea of ​​buying a carousel for a baby cot, I searched popular internet forums and inquired from my friends who had started working in motherhood before me. It seemed to me that the purchase of this device was eligible for extra expenses. I treated the merry-go-rounds as gadgets, which above all enjoyed the eyes and ears of my parents. By the time…

My little copy did not want to give up falling asleep in my arms. She treated the cot as a necessary evil. She only tolerated my basket of Moses when I placed it in it, when she was in a deep sleep. I needed a miracle, a hero with a cape waving in the wind, or any effective mute and sleep suppressor. I decided to buy a carousel.
Flying bears, croaking frogs and children's disco polo

I started the carousel search from use of online price comparison. There was a device that would not ruin my wallet and its value would be adequate to the quality. Another criterion that I followed was look. I focused on vibrant tag colors and a large number of itemsthat would catch my child's attention.

I was also interested in the carousel gave the opportunity to choose a melody and to they lasted relatively long. Taking advantage of the fact that many sellers of the well-known auction portal shared videos presenting the operation of individual carousels, I was able to learn about their possibilities before making the final selection. Finally, I decided on the Tiny Love- Serenada nature product, which cost PLN 199.

With culture from a cradle

I confess with my hand on my heart I was delighted with the content of the package delivered by courier. Large, solidly made elements and specific instruction service meant that assembling all parts of the carousel took me literally a moment. The manufacturer took care of the smallest details. The product is characterized by high aesthetics.

She made me curious unusual display of carousel elements. The inclined position of the moving part of the device allows you to observe hanging toys from different perspectives. The child is not, therefore, overwhelmed with decorative elements, and the chance that when he starts to stand in the crib on his own he will reach them and try to break them, is negligible. They set the carousel in motion three LR 14 batteries, if we purchase alkaline (price approx. PLN 7 / item), then for daily use they will be enough for a quarter.

The set complements remote, powered by two AAA batteries, which has a comfortable handle, allowing it to be hung in a visible place. You don't have to approach the carousel to turn it on and wake up the child. With this little convenience you can discreetly start relaxing music. The device turns itself off automatically twenty minutes after starting. I especially appreciated it at night, when the daughter after waking up felt the need to listen to her favorite sounds.

When it comes to music, the carousel has four melodic lines - two classical works and two sounds of nature. Importantly, these songs are so pleasant to the ear and have a positive effect even on a very frisky child, effectively silencing them. The mechanism's control panel has a volume control and the option of silent carousel movement.

The Serenade of Nature has it two LED lights built-inwhich emit soft blue (central point of the carousel) and yellow (frog in the control panel) light, which at night gives an amazing effect. They work in situations where the child is afraid of the dark or you need to find a beloved mascot in bed.

An additional advantage of the device is the possibility of disassembly of individual elements. When a child gets bored of the moving parts of the carousel, we can disconnect the toy bar and leave the music box and lamp attached to the cot. The manufacturer on the packaging suggested that his product is intended from the first days of the child until they are five months old. My daughter has just turned fifteen months and is still fascinated by the carousel. And thanks to the fact that it has a built-in clutch, it protects the mechanism of the device from damage when the toddler tries to stop moving toys.

The elements attached to the carousel that are extremely interesting to my daughter have remained made of colorful and good quality materials. Three mascots depicting a frog, a bird and a hippo, zigzag moving a ladybug and turtle as well as plastic stars and circles are an attraction not only for a lying child, focusing his attention for a very long time.

The mechanism control panel is uncomplicated and the child, who sits alone, can run the carousel, turn on the lamp and the music without anyone's help.

I will be woken up by Bach or Mozart

The Tiny Love carousel would be perfect if it wasn't for some details. Its moving elements behave quite loudly. While it does not bother me at all during the nap, which my daughter cuts off during the day, at night they can wake me up. My child is very happy to operate the device mounted in the crib, playing with a DJ and at dawn can arrange a real concert.

The downside is also that you cannot choose which lights should be on at the moment. The light is also dependent on music, it does not function separately.

The manufacturer made sure that the infrared remote control worked even from a long distance, but you have to aim it at the carousel, which is turned on. If it were used the possibilities offered by radio waves, then the device could be started without entering the children's room. The remote control only allows you to unlock the music. It cannot be used to turn on lights or change melody lines.

For some the size of the carousel may also be a disadvantage. Mounted permanently does not raise any objections, but if we travel often, even dismantled elements take up a lot of space.

As for the price - two hundred zlotys is not a small amount, but in my opinion it is really well invested money.


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