Do you transport children in shopping carts?

Do you transport children in shopping carts?

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Almost every shopping cart has a place to transport children. In some hypermarkets, even special profiled seats are available, designed for the youngest babies - not yet sitting. All this to make it as easy as possible for parents to shop with their children.

E-coli on shopping carts?

It is increasingly being said that shopping carts are a source of bacteria and in terms of cleanliness they cannot match the average city toilet. Researchers are alarming that there are more bacteria on them than in the toilet!

Researchers at the University of Arizona after researching carts in front of supermarkets in the United States noticed that salmonella and e.coli viruses were found on their hands, and traces of mucus, saliva, urine, faeces, blood and raw meat juices were found on the entire surface of the carts.

Based on this data, American scientists report that transporting children in prams next to poultry, fish or other meat is particularly dangerous. Increases the risk of salmonella and campylobacteriosis (gastrointestinal infection) threefold.

In addition, planting children in a shopping cart should be a last resort - they argue. Most importantly - they add - children transported in this way should not eat anything (and this is common in Poland).

There is another problem. Carrying in shopping carts can be dangerous if the child is not fastened, when he tries to get up, he reaches for something. USA Today reports that 23,000 cases in a shopping trolley annually ends up giving parents an ambulance visit.

Wheelchair bacteria in Poland

In Poland, wheelchair inspections were carried out, among others, in 2010.

Shopping carts were discovered then eggs of animal parasites. Sanepid specifies that dirty children's shoes may be a problem. The soil carried on the soles is a source of spreading animal excrements.

Unfortunately, still there are no clear guidelines regarding the cleanliness of prams, the method and frequency of washing. The only recommendation is that they should be clean.

The customer always has the opportunity to report their observations to the Sanitary Inspection. The store may be fined with several hundred zlotys (up to one thousand zlotys). For an average marketplace, this is not a severe punishment. The more that it does not happen too often

Announcements about not carrying children

"Dear customers, for reasons of hygiene and safety, please do not put children in shopping carts" - in some supermarkets in Poland you can read this type of advertisement.

He describes this situation on one of Malini's forums:

"In all stores you can find families or lonely carers with children put inside a shopping cart every day.
Plush outside, children smeared, the soles of their shoes are even afraid to think. Walking children, often at school age. They sit / lay on food that their parents put in the same pram. Some children are so big that they fill most of the space
"Vehicle." Muddy shoes rub against fresh bread, fruit and vegetables sticking out of the sacks. They will probably drink straight from the bottles or boxes of lenses on which they sit in clothes worn throughout the day. And I - a poor consumer taking such a stroller after such a hygienic, otherwise family - I will have an unexpected opportunity to put in the fridge my purchases previously dipped in bacteria and dirt from an earlier child's journey. "


The prams are dirty anyway, so transporting children certainly won't hurt them. The source of infection may be the dirty hands of a person using a trolley who has not washed their hands in the toilet before ... There are also other tips, for example, shopping with your own small trolley, bag or carton, which you put food into - seriously, such advice can be found online. In addition, there is another option that is very convenient for new parents - shopping in online stores.

In most shopping trolleys with a special seat, you can transport a child weighing up to 15 kilograms.


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