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Shop wisely. Don't overpay

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  • BoboVita porridge of various types in Kaufland at PLN 5.88 for 230 grams,
  • Bebiko milk for children in Rossmann for 29.99 PLN in Rossmann for card holders
  • drug Enfamil 1.2 kg at Tesco for PLN 62.99
  • Baydream dessert at Rossmann for PLN 5.49
  • Babydream bio cookies in Rossmann for PLN 5.99
  • any BoboVita dinner 190 g and another for 50% in Rossmann with a card

Hygienic accessories

  • Pampers Active baby Jumbo Pack nappies in Rossmann at PLN 46.99 instead of PLN 57.99 with the card
  • Bambino baby diapers at Super-Pharm for PLN 18.99 instead of PLN 24.99
  • Pampers Maxi Pack with LifeStyle card at Super-Pharm for PLN 36.99
  • Jelp washing powder for baby clothes in Kaufland at a price of 2.24 kg for a price of 29.99 PLN instead of 37.99 PLN
  • Jelp washing powder in Super-Pharm 1.6 kg for PLN 25.99
  • Jelp washing gel at Super-Pharm at PLN 19.99 for 1 liter
  • Jelp fabric softener at Super Pharm for PLN 8.99
  • Pampers wipes in the Polo Market for 4 packages PLN 19.99,
  • Lovela washing powder for children 1.8 kg for PLN 17.99 (Rossmann)
  • Lovela washing powder 5 kg at Tesco for PLN 43.99 instead of PLN 54.99
  • Lovela stain remover in Rossmann at PLN 17.99 for 1 liter
  • Babydream cotton pads 60 pieces for PLN 5.49 in Rossmann
  • Gaga 10 × 72 baby wipes at Tesco for PLN 29.99
  • Johnson's Baby wipes in Real at PLN 18.99 for 4 packages


  • Avent Natural feeding teat at Rossmann at PLN 19.89 instead of PLN 24.89 with card

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