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The joy of taking the first steps - the results of the competition

The joy of taking the first steps - the results of the competition

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Thank you all for participating in the competition organized with the Wola brand - a producer of tights and socks for children. The competition task was to describe the emotions associated with taking the first steps by a child.

We decided to highlight the following answers and their authors.

1st prize:

Pride? Yes, but not so ordinary ... pride shared with the child. When I see his eyes wide open, full of concentration, and at the same time, fear and disbelief, that he is standing alone, he is moving his leg, he is shaking a bit, but he is still standing upright, I feel this concentration, being ready to rush with his help, and when, after regaining stability, I see his proud and laughing face, I hear a laugh of complacency, I also breathe a sigh of relief so that after a while I can enjoy it with him. Everything is so exciting , full of many changeable feelings, headed by surprise. I feel pride, but not only my own, that of a child and a parent, I feel anxiety that keeps me ready to act, I feel uncertainty which is the result of stopping the reflex of rushing with help, consternation and observation of the child's actions and emotions, finally I feel sincere joy, joy child and parent. And all this together is drawn so strongly in the memory that after years to recreate these moments as if it were yesterday./Agnieszka Grzeszczyk

2nd prize
SHE WALKS! I exclaimed that exactly 12 days ago, when my 13-month-old daughter decided to change the level to a vertical. The feelings that I felt at that time were, of course, joy, joy, joy ... nothing long ... and fear that now it will constantly land on earth. How else to learn if you don't fall! Today, my chicken runs around the house, sometimes it falls over delightfully (thankfully on a booty diaper :), and I ... I still feel joy! /Marta Zytka

3rd prize
We were on a short vacation at the time and planned what to take for a trip to the mountains. And suddenly we look and our son, who has wandered along the bed so far, looks at us. And stands. He stands alone and holds his father's slipper in his tiny hands. The earth stopped, the clock stopped ticking and the lady singing the song on television froze. And he, wanting to return the item to the owner, took one step and after him, shaky, uncertain, the other. Then he wandered to the floor. He immediately forgot the whole thing and took care of chewing the sole. And we froze. And it was not known whether to grab the camera or the phone or praise him, applaud him, or whether he could rip a dirty slipper out of his mouth. The water in the rivers flowed again, the birds began to fly, and advertising appeared on television. Or was it all, it was just an illusion? Maybe it didn't happen at all. Maybe it wasn't the moment yet? Oh, blink time./Sabina Nycz


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