Best prices for nappies and "jars" for children. Weekly statement

Best prices for nappies and "jars" for children. Weekly statement

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As every week, we publish a list of the best offers for children's products. See where you can buy the cheapest diapers, dinners, desserts and accessories for children. Welcome!


  • Nestle baby porridge 230 grams in Carrefour for PLN 6.49
  • Bebilon 1.2 kg baby milk in Carrefour for PLN 54.99
  • Nestle porridge with two packages for PLN 16.99 in Biedronka (until 15/03/2015)
  • Nestle milk in E Leclerc for PLN 37.99 (until March 22, 2015)
  • Hipp fruit mousse for PLN 2.99 in Lidl (until 15/03/2015)

Hygienic accessories

  • Babydream Premium Active diapers at PLN 17.99 in Rossmann (until 17/03/2015)
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers at E Leclarc for PLN 42.99 (until March 22)
  • Ziajka gel for washing the body and hair at Polo Market for PLN 5.29 instead of PLN 6.99
  • Magic Ziajka bath lotion or PoloMarket bath lotion at the price of 8.49 PLN instead of 9.99 PLN

Promotion time

Real 05-18.03.2015

Polo Market 11-17.03.2015

Carrefour 11-23.03.2015


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