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How to survive nausea during pregnancy?

How to survive nausea during pregnancy?

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Nausea is painless but quite unpleasant ailment , which gives a feeling of a strong need to get rid of stomach contents from the human body. They are often the first sign of pregnancy, although they herald good news, they can make the future mother's life sad. Nausea doesn't always end in vomiting, however often receive all the joy during pregnancy.

When do you feel sick during pregnancy?

Nausea in pregnancy usually occurs between 6-12 weeks of pregnancy in at least half of women. They usually pass after 14 weeks, but sometimes they last until the very birth.

No nausea during pregnancy

Most future mothers complain about morning nauseaHowever, this is not the rule. Nausea during pregnancy may last all day and sometimes even disturb night sleep.

Nausea during pregnancy causes

There are many causes of nausea in pregnancy, though the main culprit is considered to be hormones. In pregnancy, it increases levels of chorionic gonadotropin, estrogen and progesterone, which slow down the digestive system and sensitize to smell.

Nausea itself does not pose any threat to the health of both mother and child. Some risk is their consequence - vomiting which may lead to dehydration. Therefore, if nausea often ends in vomiting, tell your pregnancy doctor. He will decide if additional tests are needed and order any treatment.