World-friendly products are good products for children - COMPETITION

World-friendly products are good products for children - COMPETITION

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Many contemporary cosmetics for children disappoint ... with their composition, mode of action, price and availability. Theoretically, we have a wide selection, a lot of possibilities, but in practice we often make a mistake and buy for the youngest the most-known products, the most-advertised, those for which the most funds were spent. It's not our fault. Today, hardly anyone is resistant to the power of advertising, subliminal impact. The only way to choose consciously - is to learn about the subject, learn about the composition of cosmetics and its impact.

With this in mind, we decided to organize a competition for you - in cooperation with Aberro - a friendly wholesaler and online store and the owner of the Earth Friendly Baby brand.

We strongly encourage everyone to participate!

Competition question

To participate in the competition must be met two conditions.

First answer the competition question:

  • Why are world-friendly products good for children?

Replies should be sent to the address [email protected] under the title "good cosmetics for a child". Each competition response should be signed with the name and surname.

Secondly like the profiles of the distributor and producer of child-friendly cosmetics for the whole family Earth Friendlu Baby:

  • //
  • //

Duration of the competition

The competition runs from March 25, 2015 to April 8 2015 year

Winners will be selected by April 14, 2015.

Awards in the competition

In the competition, we will award one person who will receive a set of cosmetics, which includes:

  • Earth Friendly Baby balm
  • shampoo and liquid 2in1 (lavender) Earth Friendly Baby
  • Earth Friendly Baby wet wipes

Shampoo and bubble bath - prize in the competition

Earth Friendly Baby Balsam - award in the competition

Earth Friendly Baby wet wipes

You can buy all these products at Aberro - a friendly warehouse and online store where you can find selected eco and design products - including Earth Friendly Baby products.

Earth Friendly Baby make up organic products for gentle care of the delicate skin and hair of babies and young children.

All Earth Friendly Baby products have Ecocert. They are natural, based on ingredients of plant origin without the addition of parabens, artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes. In addition to the organic pedigree, products are also characterized high quality, beautiful smell and fantastic appearance.

The Earth Friendly Baby series consists of balms, shampoos, bath lotions, as well as massage oils and care wipes. In the interests of the environment, all products are biodegradable.

The competition regulations are available here.

Attention, discount!

For everyone who would like to try out world-friendly products from the Aberro range, we have a discount code. Just when shopping, enter "" in the comments to receive a 10% discount on all purchases. The discount will be calculated manually. Wait for information from the store before making a payment.

The code is valid until April 25, 2015.

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