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Easter with a child

Easter with a child

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The time of preparation for the holidays in many Polish homes is remembered not as a period of joyful waiting and being together, but as moments full of stress and wondering what else to do. How to plan your duties so that you can manage everything? And what can you do to make sure your child doesn't feel rejected on these special days?

Don't tire yourself ... with holidays

It's hard to stop when there is so much to do. However, sometimes it's worth it.

Although theoretically we all agree that it is the most important thing on Christmas special climate, and not washing the floors with a flash and perfect cooking a few dishes, we can't "let it go". It's difficult for us to switch from "task" mode to enjoying the moment. That is why we make the same mistake every year: we are trying to get through to holidays, and when they finally come, we feel terribly tired ...

Holidays with children: time for joy

Holidays with children have the advantage that let you slow down. With toddlers, it's harder to get into the whirl of preparations and do all the tasks thoughtlessly, unchecking the ones we already have behind us.

Toddlers do not let you forget about yourself, and even if we do everything to do every point in the plan, they will certainly remind us of themselves and their needs. Sometimes it can get angry, but when we look closely, we'll find out grumbling toddler or demanding attention of a few years old shows us in this way what is most important in holidays ...

Enjoying the sight of the growing baby, painted Easter eggs and tiny chickens on Christmas decorations, the children give us a clear signal that it is not important for them whether the house will shine. They care much more about smile, peace and joyful fun.

And at Christmas, you really can't forget about it. Why?

  • Even the house cleaned up with a flash will soon return to its original state... Children will not tiptoe and will certainly not appreciate our efforts as we would like.
  • A lot of food is thrown away after every Christmas in the average Polish home... which is prepared in advance with the firm conviction that the bending table is very important. However, since the fate of many Christmas dishes is similar each year, maybe this year it is worth preparing less?
  • Many people say that Christmas tires them as much as preparing for them. Therefore, maybe instead of prolonged feasts in front of the table, it is worth spending this time more actively?

Well, it's time for some advice ... What do you think?

Family cleaning

Spring cleaning can be pleasure. A refreshed house reflects the place of new energy. Lets open for tomorrow.

However, it is worth making them a joyful venture. Nothing by force and everything with your head! Let the cloths take their two-year-olds in their hands, give them the opportunity to look at the orders in the wardrobe, maybe they will find something in them that will renew the pleasant memories of a vacation or a weekend spent together?

Preparation time for the world is also worth devoting to reviewing toys and putting away those that the toddler does not play with. Maybe during the holidays we can do a good deed and give unnecessary things to those in need?

Painting Easter eggs

Nothing is more fun than family painting of Easter eggs. Creating on a spherical surface can be quite a challenge even for a child who does not like drawing on a piece of paper. All you need are markers, finger paints, or dipping eggs in raw protein and sprinkling with glitter or confetti, stickers can also be used.

Let's appreciate the toddler's effort and put at least one of the Easter eggs in the basket, which will be consecrated in the church on Holy Saturday.

Common breakfast

Whenever possible, do not wake up the kids for Easter breakfast. Let them get up at their time. It's finally Christmas and nothing will happen if we eat breakfast a little later ... If we invite guests to each other or go to breakfast, let's try to meet at such an hour so that we do not have to fight the protesters in the morning, unwilling to get up toddler .

Let's start the day with a smile. Let's tell the child about Christmas traditions, we can also mention some funny childhood situations. If we like, let's also plan to view photos together. However, do not force the youngest to sit at the table during breakfast or taste all dishes.

Even if we feel that the extended family expects it: uncle or aunt who comes twice a year: let the toddler remain himself. Especially on holidays!

Let us not let this ruin this beautiful time! If we don't feel like it, let our children do not play the role of mascots: they should recite something, sing, look good, smile to dozens of photos, kiss unknown people, stand up straight and God forbid not get dirty!

Holidays should be a good time ... for everyone! What I wish you and myself.


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