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Scientists have proven that reading to children changes their brains!

Scientists have proven that reading to children changes their brains!

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Specialists recommend for several years to read systematically to children every day, which is to have a huge impact on their development. In the end, however, we have evidence that confirms that it is really worth doing. Researchers have shown that reading to children activates the part of the brain that is responsible for 'psychic understanding of narrative images', which is crucial for language development and free speaking skills. However, this is not all ...

So far, it has been proven many times that reading to children affects the development of their language skills, today we know that this is also beneficial influence on intellectual development.

In the August issue of the magazine Pediatrics the results of studies conducted on children were published at the age of 3 to 5 using magnetic resonance imaging. Researchers have scanned the children's brains while listening to recordings of stories they read, as well as neutral noise. In addition, a team of scientists collected information about the frequency of reading to children at home, in what environment the child lives every day and how stimulating it is for the child.

During brain examination it was shown that children from a home where books are often read, while listening to the recorded narrative had a much more activated area of ​​the brain responsible for understanding and visualizing images. Scientists are very enthusiastic about this small step that shifts the accent from empirical evidence to biological. Reading books has been proven to have a stimulating effect on brain development.

Reading in addition to improving language skills, helps in raising children by passing on appropriate behavioral patterns, as well as supports social and emotional development. The studies mentioned above prove that reading also develops the child's brain. This impact has been proven for the youngest children - up to 5 years old. Research in this direction is continuing.


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