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Guide on pregnancy - which one to choose?

Guide on pregnancy - which one to choose?

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Shelves in bookstores bend under the weight of guides for future parents. There is a lot to choose from. Theoretically, everyone can find something for themselves. As long as he is aware of how many possibilities he has and has the right amount of time and determination to become familiar with the proposals of individual publishing houses. To help you with this task, we present short reviews of several pregnancy guides.

"How to make children" Sami S. David, Jill Blakeway

This is not a typical guide about pregnancy, but rather a preparation program often needed to be able to see the two desired lines on the test. The authors of this publication are reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Sami David and the founder of the infertility treatment center: Jill Blakeway.

The publication explains in detail which can cause difficulties in getting pregnant and how to develop appropriate methods to deal with this problem. The book presents the body preparation program for a healthy and natural pregnancy. You can learn from it how to deal with frequent disorders that block fertilization and what types of fertility are and how different people differ in this respect.

The book bursting with substantive, interesting, difficult to find anywhere else content, will be useful not only to unsuccessfully applying for a child, but also to those who want to conceive consciously, providing the baby with the best conditions for development from the first days of pregnancy. This is a carefully prepared publication with attention to every detail, which is a big plus. You don't get bored reading from cover to cover. Helpful in browsing individual departments. We recommend!

Prószyński Publishing House
Price PLN 39.90

How are children made? sosrodzice

"A healthy pregnancy. Guide of a loving mother ”MD Michael F. Roizen, MD med. Mehmet C. Oz

The first surprise about this publication is that the book is not divided into classic sections. We won't find a description of pregnancy week by week and it's a shame after all ... Pregnancy issues are treated rather well reviewed by. The first part concerns the influence of genes and nutrition on the development of pregnancy. In the second part, the authors focus on what a woman can do to make a child develop properly. In the third, the situation is reversed: the authors ask the question how the child affects the future mother, i.e. they consider how pregnancy changes the brain of a woman, how it affects the libido and what unpleasant and burdensome effects one has to take into account. Next, the delivery is discussed along with the plan, and at the end we find sets of exercises for pregnant women, pregnancy recipes for daddies, a plan to prepare for the adoption of a child at home, as well as tips on medicines and toxins that may be important from the point of view of a woman Pregnant.

The guide is also rich in terms of graphics. Contains many drawings (no photos), table, bold print. It is comfortable to read. In a way, however, it is difficult to navigate through it. Perhaps this is due to the original thematic breakdown.

Helion publisher
Price: PLN 49

Healthy Pregnancy sosrodzice

"Truck for 9 months. Guide to pregnancy and the surroundings' Kaz Cooke

Pregnancy can be tiring and too long. This guide allows her to survive with a smile. It is written in plain language, with a distance and without beating around the bush. However, this huge advantage is also a disadvantage to some extent.

Kaz Cooke, who writes from the mother's perspective, does not convey much valuable information that can be found in more substantive, typically "scientific" guidebooks. Therefore, having this reading should be combined with the purchase of a second written by doctors and people speaking from an expert's perspective. Of course, if that's what we require from the guides. Because if we just need basic knowledge in great form, which we read as an addictive novel, this guide will meet our expectations. You can find a detailed review on "Truck for 9 months" here.

Insignis Media publishing house
Price: 46 PLN

A truck for nine months sosrodzice

"Pregnancy guide. Problems of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth ”prof. Ian Greer

Guide prepared in the form of questions and answers. It is kept in gray tone, with few photos, charts and tables. Quite depressing in its form: both in the choice of words and also because of the graphics. It has a simple division into chapters: Before pregnancy, Pregnancy and After pregnancy. In addition, we find here a Dictionary, Index and Acknowledgments.

Definitely not encouraging. More suitable for medical students than mothers expecting a child. A similar impression is obtained when analyzing the choice of words. All this makes the guide very disappointing. That is why such a low rating.

Olejsiejuk Publishing House
Price: 34.90 PLN

Pregnancy guide. | sosrodzice

"Pregnancy and natural delivery. How to enjoy motherhood. A practical guide ”Dr. Ortrud Lindemann, Adriana Ortembeg

This is the only proposal in our statement enriched with colorful photos and with its form resembling an album in many places. The rich graphics and layout of the text make reading this book pleasant and easy. This guide, however, is hardly read from cover to cover, but rather like a cookbook that you can reach for when looking for a recipe or inspiration and then close and put it on the shelf.

The guide consists of several parts: Pregnancy (New body, Recipes for the future mother's table, Enjoy your pregnancy, Your child's development, Your new environment), Childbirth (Before delivery, the child knocks on the door), Mother and child (First meeting with Your child).

In the textbook, the authors answer many questions, e.g. whether prenatal education is possible, and when to work during pregnancy, they advise on how to deal with the duty of choosing a name, how to deal with emergencies, etc.

This pregnancy guide will appeal to future parents if they are looking for a simple, richly illustrated, yet basic guide.

Bellona publisher,

Price: PLN 49

Pregnancy and natural delivery sosrodzice