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How to pat a child? First aid for coughing

How to pat a child? First aid for coughing

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Coughing in children can be very tiring - it significantly worsens well-being, receives energy, as well as hinders night rest. That is why it is so important to introduce effective methods that will help you deal with it.

One of the natural methods supporting healing is patting the baby's back. Why is it worth doing and how to pat the child? About this in this article.

When do we tap the baby?

Before answering how to pat a child, it's worth knowing when to do it.

The best moment will be time immediately after administration of the drugs, and exactly fifteen minutes after their use - whether in oral form as cough syrup or in the form of nebulization.

Otherwise we pat the baby right after waking up, when secretion accumulates in the respiratory system after prolonged rest. It should be remembered that coughing and night coughing is less effective, so it is worth helping the child by patting right after waking up.

Why pat your child?

Regularly patting your baby makes sense. Allows you to cleansing the respiratory system of its secretions. In addition, it brings another benefit - improves blood supply to the lungs and bronchi, which in turn enables better drug delivery.

Patting the baby makes it the cough medicine starts working better and the infection time is shorter. In addition, the toddler is better to breathe. Back patting has both preventive and curative. In the first case, it protects against passing the infection to the lungs and bronchi, and in the second, it facilitates the efficient removal of residual secretions.

How to pat a child?

The child can be well-worn even during play. How to do it correctly?

We do not pat the bare back or thickly dressed baby (because the effect may not be noticeable), it is better to pat the back through a thin shirt.

The best position for patting is body position on the tummy with the head slightly below the rest of the body, which facilitates expectoration. It's worth just putting the baby on your lap and with your hand in a boat (not quite flat!), We pat the baby's back from bottom to top. The patting procedure should be accompanied by a deaf sound.

We pat vigorously, steadily, for about 4 minutes. We repeat the patting procedure several times a day.

Do you pat your children?