We go to school / kindergarten - three proposals

We go to school / kindergarten - three proposals

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When a child goes to school or kindergarten for the first time, it is a big event for the whole family. There are also such breakthrough moments later, when a few-year-old teenager changes the school he goes to. There are always quite strong emotions in such situations. You can make their survival easier by preparing yourself for them. And in this topic books help us quickly.

Carlo Collodi "Pipi Monkey"

A real treat for lovers of the world-famous Pinocchio. Pipi's monkey is the author's story about a wooden puppet who wanted to become a boy. How can it allow us to tame a new reality?
By telling the tale of the mischievous monkey, Carlo Collodi talks to a few-year-old about independence, separation from his parents, as well as reliving the adventure of a lifetime. He does it in an amazing way, taking the little reader seriously and in such a way that he just wants to listen to the story.

After just a few sentences, this book becomes a great lesson for kids. Written in an amazing style, it shows how to learn from mistakes and learn valuable lessons from everyday events. It's a metaphor for school of life in an accessible form.

The book is recommended for children aged 5+,
W.A.B. publisher 2012

"English for children. Picture cards. 100 first words "

It is not necessary to explain how important English at school is today. Children who have had contact with the language in the first years of life are learning to use it much faster. That is why it is worth preparing your toddler for contact with foreign-sounding words before sending the child to kindergarten.

These picture cards allow you to do it easily, using every free moment to learn: driving a car, waiting in a queue in the store, or free moments between individual games. Thanks to the fact that the set in the red box contains primarily cards, it is very convenient for spontaneous play. You can select several cards, view pictures and rotate the card, checking the translation of the selected words. You can juxtapose cards, composing thematically, you can also describe what we see in the picture: in the beginning in Polish to change the language over time. There are really many possibilities.

The included CD with pre-recorded words and a booklet with instructions allow you to use the set fully consciously. With care for the correct pronunciation and the right way to absorb the first words.

For children from 3 years
Edgard publisher
Price 29.90

"How to endure at school and not go crazy" Aniela Cholewińska-Szkolik

Teens don't have a simple life. They are often lost and insecure. This book, discreetly suggested by a parent, can bring good results. It can let you find yourself in the new reality and answer questions that have often been left unanswered. Explains the nature of the relationship between a young man and teacher. Describes who can be addressed with specific problems, how to behave in a class full of new people. The following chapters are devoted to dilemmas "why do I need physics / chemistry / biology / Polish to be happy?", They teach patience and make us aware of the need to spend my free time actively. It is also about truancy, downloading, laziness, school trips. Literally a compendium or encyclopedia in the form of a toolbox for every young person.

Zielona Sowa Publishing House 2012
Price: 26.90