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  • Nan milk 800 grams in Carrefour for PLN 41.99 and a second pack 50% cheaper (for PLN 21)
  • Gerber children's dessert in Carrefour 3 for the price of 2,
  • Babydream data 250 grams in Rossmann for PLN 4.49,
  • Babydream sandwich paste in Rossmann for PLN 3.99
  • Babydream dinner 190 grams in Rossmann for PLN 3.39,
  • BoboaVita milk and rice porridge at Tesco for PLN 5.99,
  • Bebiko milk 800 grams at Tesco for PLN 29.99

Hygienic accessories

  • Pampers wet wipes at Carrefour for PLN 6.49 and a second pack 50% cheaper
  • Pampers baby diapers in Carrefour for PLN 44.99,
  • Babydream changing pads at Rossmann at PLN 9.99 for 10 items,


Cza promotion

Kaufland 3/09/12/2015

Carrefour 7/12/2015

Rossmann from 30/11/2015

Tesco 3-9.12.2015


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