Life of a child or mother?

Life of a child or mother?

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Difficult topic. However, very current. Not only in Poland, but all over the world. The story happened in the Dominican Republic, where the ban on abortion is very important and respected.

A teenage girl from the Dominican Republic who suffered from leukemia became pregnant. Doctors refused to undergo chemotherapy, which would be tantamount to a miscarriage. Recognizing her as an abortion, they decided not to use this method of treatment. Despite their mother's persistent pleas, they did not change their minds. The letters addressed to high-ranking people in government did not help either.

The case became so popular that the doctors finally decided to do chemotherapy. However, the patient after giving the drug did not give up. The teenager first miscarried, then died herself.

And now, in contrast, a story told by a cardiac surgeon from Zabrze, who recalled: "I had a transplant patient who had to be connected to life support equipment and brought a second who was in a critical condition and the only chance for him was connecting to the same equipment. What was I supposed to do? I took all the tests that were, I sat on them for an hour and decided to disconnect that one and connect the new one. And do you know what happened? They both live. But I had no certainty, I might as well have killed both (because the latter would have died without the apparatus and he would not have survived). "


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