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Amy Chua's "Battle Song of the Tigress"

Amy Chua's "Battle Song of the Tigress"

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A good parent dreams of preparing the child for the best life, enabling them to fulfill their dreams and simply a good start. However, as it turns out, you can do it in different ways.
The Chinese mother does not puff on the baby, does not remove the logs from under her feet, does not ask for her opinion, does not accept opposition. She totally believes in the possibilities of a few-year-old daughter and sets before her tasks with which older children have a problem a few years. A Chinese mother raising a Chinese fashion does not recognize weakness. The only thing that counts is work, sweat of the forehead, a few hours a day, every day, even on holidays, and even when theoretically impossible problems arise. A Chinese mother can handle almost everything. She never gives up. That's why it's the best.

How to raise a little creative genius?

Many parents say aloud that they want a child to be just happy, but deep down they want them to have a better life, be respected and not worry about money. From an early age, he wants to support his development in such a way that it achieves perfection. It does not have to show special abilities. It does not choose. In the Chinese model described by Amy Chua, the parent chooses and he does everything to make the child a genius.

The author and heroine tells what the upbringing of two daughters looks like. The older one who voluntarily surrenders to her upbringing and the younger despite many achievements in the field that her mother has chosen for her, who is still rebellious and unable to subordinate. Despite the opposites of fate, Amy Chua manages to raise an outstanding pianist and secretly loving daughter play. It would not be enough to interest readers in reading. A Chinese woman born in the United States raises children who love her immensely and who owe a lot to their mother. They are young women who after many years have great respect for their parent and despite many misunderstandings, they can directly agree with her right. They know that what she did for them when they were little was a sign of love ...

Because it is not easy ...

Amy Chua emphasizes that it is easier to raise a child in front of the TV, give him free choice, not to press him when he clearly does not cope with something. It is easier to smile when he brings home four and praise the whole family than to show their dissatisfaction in such a way that the next time the daughter or son brings a six and additionally praise from the teacher. It is easier for a parent to bring up stress-free education than hard work, often accompanied by crying and screaming children.
Chinese mother, sometimes even fanatical in her stubbornness, emphasizes that by demanding a lot from children, their sense of value is built. It gives a treasure for a lifetime. When, despite huge obstacles and many efforts, and periods when you feel like throwing everything into the corner, it finally succeeds, the child gets a substantial boost of confidence, which gives him the feeling that if he really wants something, it can be achieved. This is a lesson that pays off for life. He is not allowed to give up and stop trying. Amy Chua writes and it is difficult to deny her the truth that who if not a parent should believe in their child and who if not a mother should stand firmly on the side that it will succeed and that the child can. Letting go and lack of effort only leads to the weakening of the child and a lack of faith in his own strength.

Every child is different

A Chinese mother raises geniuses. This does not mean that it is soulless, that there is no doubt. It has quite a lot. She can also give way, which costs a lot. Give up. The Chinese mother is aware that every child is different and not all manage to comply with top-down rules. There is no only perfect model of upbringing. Everyone must develop their own, which will work in his family.
Unfortunately, the Chinese mother also hurts and destroys. Not only children but also myself.

Shocking truth?

Amy Chua, who reveals her own educational methods with disarming honesty, can shock or even annoy. She can also arouse admiration and find a group of followers who will draw the essence from her educational method. That is why, to stand on one side, I consider reading the Battle Song of the Tigress obligatory for every conscious parent.

The book is read quickly and it is worth reading it for anyone who is afraid that he is raising a child badly and is too strict for his daughter or son. There is nothing to expect perfect style and perfection in the workshop, but the substantive content of this book is noteworthy. Especially since it describes the real fate of a mother, daughters of Chinese immigrants and the clash of two cultures - Chinese and Western. It's good to find yourself in it and give yourself time to reflect ...