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A gift for Mother's Day - it's "free"

A gift for Mother's Day - it's "free"

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Mama, mama. Always the same. The most beautiful since birth, although often busy, tired and nervous. Mother, a model of a woman who sometimes receives wings to be able to see not an ideal but a man. Mom - the smell of apple pie, a smile on her face, and sometimes a sad look and broken hands. Mother: a woman, a man, then mother-in-law and grandmother. It's a word that has many meanings, many associations, beautiful and difficult stories. In a few days, each of us will tell them several times. Let us put the most love into these words ...

Gifts from the heart

Memory and commitment please the most. Much more says a few moments on the way to a smile than a dozen zlotys spent at the cash register. Therefore, dear Dads, Grandmothers, Aunts, help those children who are not yet able to create something made by themselves for Mam.

It does not have to be a work of art. Every mother will be delighted with the laurel, which she will definitely appreciate more than even the most beautiful card bought in the bookstore. A flower made of crepe or a large painted heart will also work. Older children will certainly with a little help make a stained glass window with colored tissue paper for the window, photo frame or bookmark.

Nothing touches you like a recited poem.

Dear Dads - get to work! Practice with your little one on a walk, stage a performance for your mother on this special day. Maybe you will be able to make some clothing that will be as much fun for children as it is for parents when you can sit in the audience. Let it be Little Red Riding Hood, a few poems by Brzechwa or a song by Jeżowska. It doesn't matter what you choose. Put your commitment, time and heart in it.

What about mothers who already have children? If you can make a gift yourself, let's do it. Do not be afraid to give your mother a hand-made photo album, self-designed and made jewelry, embroidered plaid. Such gifts say the most. And like no other they are perfect for Mother's Day!

Culinary feasts

How about waking Mom with a heart-shaped sandwich and a cheerful song, and then making a simple dessert with the children, mixing colorful jellies and fresh fruit? Let this day be colorful and cheerful. Let's not be afraid of creative solutions. Let's open up to new possibilities and give moms a moment of pleasure. Dear Dads, take over for this one day. Put on aprons and show children. Spend this day in a unique way!

What about adult children? Come to your mother's home-made cake or invite her to your home that day. Let him celebrate with you, enjoying the day that is the feast of every mother. You don't have to choose whether to spend this day with your own children or go to your family home, you can all be together, showing children from an early age what the power of love and tradition is.

All Happy Mothers today! For every day, not just Mother's Day.