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SilikonoveColorove - covers for glass bottles

SilikonoveColorove - covers for glass bottles

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Today, the choice for many parents seems obvious, at least when it comes to material. When moms are looking for a baby bottle, they choose a product made of plastic. The one that is available in almost every supermarket.

She is much less often sought after glass bottle. This is chosen by people previously acquainted with the topicbelieving that glass is safer (free from negative substances found in plastic, not only well-described BPA), easier to clean, scratch-resistant, microdamage and accumulating in small gaps of bacteria.

Otherwise the glass bottle is ecological, tried and tested for generations, its use is not controversial. However, there are minuses that can be an important argument against the use of glass bottles. And just to minimize these defects arose special colored covers for glass bottles, which will be discussed in this entry.

Why SilikonoveColor?

SilikonoveColorowe is simple in terms of form glass bottle covers. They are used to:

  • protect the glass bottle against breakage,
  • protect against breakage,
  • silicone cover protects against slipping hands on a smooth glass surface,
  • increases the comfort of using the bottle by the parent,
  • makes it easier for a child to hold the bottle.

Note - the casing does not protect 100% against breakage, but reduces the risk of the bottle slipping from your hand, makes it easier to hold and increases the strength of the material from which the bottle was made.

What are the casings made of?

SilikonoveColor is made of 100% food-grade silicone, light and anti-slip. This material is free of any harmful ingredients, for example BPA or phthalates. Besides it is neutral to health, odorless.

It deserves attention high durability of the casing made of silicone, which is resistant to low and high temperatures (from -40 to 230 degrees). Can be washed in the dishwasher and used in bottle warmers.

SilikonoveColor casings are completely safe, they do not come into contact with milk, because they are put on the glass walls of the bottle. They meet in themselves very strict quality standards, confirmed by research institutions such as SGS (certificate in accordance with EN 71-3) as well as the American Food and Drug Administration - FDA.

Matter matter

The silicone casing is put on the bottle, it is perfectly fitted and adheres perfectly, it does not cover important information, such as a measuring cup, and additionally makes the bottle look more attractive with the shape of small feet, it is pretty in itself. It can be ordered in several cheerful colors.

Does the cap fit on every bottle?

The manufacturer made sure that the casing works well during use on bottles of popular brands (Avent, Nuk, Canpol, Lovi or BabyOno) with a capacity 240-260 ml. However, before buying a casing is recommended bottle measurement - all relevant information on this subject is provided in a simple and reliable manner on the product dedicated page. For convenience, the manufacturer allows you to buy a glass bottle on the same site, so you can immediately choose set - a casing and a bottle.

The casing costs PLN 29. You can order it here - click.

What do we think about it?

If you choose a glass bottle for your child and value its qualities, the silicone casing will allow you to minimize some restrictions arising from the material that is glass. It is carefully made, light and practical. Perfect for people who value ecological solutions!

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