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Signs of pregnancy during breastfeeding

Signs of pregnancy during breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding does not prevent you from becoming pregnant. It is true that fertility during lactation is usually lower, but there are still quite a good chance of conceiving a child. For this reason, doctors recommend that women who do not plan pregnancy during breastfeeding use a contraceptive method. Relying on reduced fertility may not be effective. In addition, it is worth listening to the signals from the body, especially if the menstruation after childbirth has not yet returned and it is difficult to assess the presence of a possible pregnancy on its basis. Are the symptoms of pregnancy while breastfeeding different from those seen in another period of life?

Signs of pregnancy while breastfeeding - you may not feel anything

Being pregnant usually involves registering certain symptoms of the changed condition. However, this is not always the case. It happens that there is no indication that a new life is developing in the uterus, and the young mother offered to take care of the elderly learns about the second pregnancy relatively late and is ... in shock. This is how he describes it on one of the Rika forums:

"I have a 8-month-old daughter Zuzia. It turned out that I am 21 weeks pregnant! Shock! Zero symptoms, no nausea, pregnancy complaints, ZERO PERIOD !!! I had my last menstrual period before giving birth to Zuzanka :)
How did I find out about pregnancy if nothing indicated? And yes, my buckthorn decided to betray their hideout with a good kick! Of course, I felt something there before but I did not expect that child, maybe intestines ...? "

Determining pregnancy when a woman is breastfeeding is difficult. Especially at the beginning of the lactation route, when there is usually no menstrual bleeding, whose stopping is a signal of a possible pregnancy. For this reason, as Rika describes, often the news of pregnancy, especially unplanned, is a real surprise.

Signs of pregnancy while breastfeeding - when you are sensitive to any symptoms

So how do you know that you are pregnant when breastfeeding?

Women sensitive to signals coming from the body can do it perfectly, simply by registering that "something has changed", "that they feel somehow strange, different." In addition, the symptoms of pregnancy during breastfeeding are usually similar to those present at other times of life. The most common are:

  • breast pain
  • breast tenderness, greater sensitivity,
  • somnolence,
  • feeling tired - greater than those associated with sleepless nights,
  • irritability,
  • mood swings
  • sudden changes in flavors - a huge desire for a specific product that is difficult to master,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting.

Of course, the easiest way to check if you're pregnant is taking a pregnancy test. You should trust your intuition and, if in doubt, dispel your doubts.


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