Elderberry juice - to strengthen immunity and cold

Elderberry juice - to strengthen immunity and cold

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Black without it vitamin bomb, a natural antiviral agent, one of Polish pearls, being rediscovered, which is widely used for health - reduces fever, relieves cough and also strengthens immunity. Is a real mine of valuable nutrients - vitamins and mineral salts, which help restore the body's balance and help it function in difficult weather conditions and in an environment exposed to infection. These are just a few reasons why you should prepare elderberry juice for your child, for the whole family.

Today, it is used to prepare healthy and tasty juice and decoctions elderberry flowers and fruits, which can be harvested in May-June (flowers) and July-August (fruits).

How to prepare elderberry juice at home?

Here's the recipe. Use it to win healthy and completely natural medicine in a home medicine cabinet.

Black lilac - known and appreciated for centuries

Black elder has been used for centuries, its qualities have been appreciated for generations. There are about 20 species of lilac in the world, in Poland you can find three growing wild, among them black lilac (Sambucus nigra) that applies pharmacy and herbal medicine.

Today elderberry juice is still prepared in many Polish homes. And this is logically justified because elderberry flowers have a very rich composition: flavonoids, phenolic acid, organic acids, sterols, oils, tannins, mineral salts. In addition, after examination, it turned out to contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus. Black lilac also provides trace elements such as iron, copper, manganese and zinc. Thanks to all these substances, black without diaphoretic and antipyretic. In addition, it has an analgesic effect, in black folk medicine without being appreciated as a detoxifying drug that allows you to clean the blood and remove harmful components of metabolism.

Black lilac works on:

  • fever,
  • dry, tiring cough (has antitussive and expectorant effect),
  • runny nose (thinning effect),
  • in inflammation, infections,
  • in skin diseases, e.g. psoriasis,
  • indigestion and digestive disorders
  • recurring infections, flu,
  • migraine and bone fractures
  • flatulence and heartburn.

Elderberry juice - when to collect flowers and fruits?

For the preparation of elderberry juice, white spreading flowers are collected from stately bushes reminiscent of trees or dark purple fruit. It is better not to try the fruit directly from the bush, because it raw contains a toxic ingredient called sambunigrine, which, however, very quickly disappears after heat treatment.

Elderberry flowers give off an intense fragrance liked by some, not necessarily by others. Unfortunately, still few Poles realize how valuable their composition is ...

Flowers are collected at the turn of May and June, when there are really many, preferably on a dry sunny day. This is done when some of the flowers are still undeveloped on the bush. It is worth paying attention to the place of harvest - should be away from busy streets, surrounded by a band of greenery. We avoid flowers covered with bugs, we collect nicer copies together with the whole inflorescence (it is worth having scissors or pruning shears). The collected flowers are dried (but not in the sun, because they will lose their properties). It is worth spreading them on a newspaper or parchment in a dry, dark and ventilated place.

Fruits are only harvested when they are fully ripe, i.e. at the turn of July and August. After harvesting, the fruit is dried and the peduncles thrown away.

Black elderberry juice recipe

Both elderberry juice and decoction are very easy to prepare. It is worth preparing them at home, because the juices available in stores are usually a mixture in which elderberry juice makes up a small percentage.

Attention! Elderberry juice stains very much. Therefore, during its preparation it is worth using work clothes, and put gloves on your hands.

The juice from the Black Elderberry is prepared from ripe fruit (all black, green and red should be discarded), which are heated in a pot until they let the juice run, then rubbed into the pulp and passed through gauze. The next step is in a proportion of 1 scoop of honey (or sugar) for 10 scoops of juice, the juice is boiled with honey, brought to September and will not cook further (you can also add lemon juice). Then pour into dark previously brewed bottles. Turn it tight, turn it upside down. We put the lid up only when it has cooled down. The juice does not require additional pasteurization.

During illness, we give 2-3 times a day a glass of juice diluted with warm water. Juice can also be added undiluted to tea (preferably during colds with linden or raspberry tea). To strengthen immunity, it is recommended to give one tablespoon of syrup before bedtime.

Elderberry decoction recipe

  • about 50 well developed flower canopies,
  • 2 liters of water,
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 7 lemons juice

Pour a tablespoon of elderberry flowers (only the flowers, without stems) with hot water and set aside for a few hours (up to 12 hours), strain, add sugar, lemon juice, mix, bring to a boil and pour into previously brewed jars or bottles. We turn it, put it on the cap and turn it over. We do not pasteurize.

We serve half a glass of decoction 2-3 times a day as a diaphoretic and antipyretic agent.

Elderberry juice - for whom?

There is no proper information in the literature about the contraindications for using this juice. It is also recommended for all children over 2 years old.


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