"Smallpox parties are organized in every kindergarten" Letter from the Reader

"Smallpox parties are organized in every kindergarten" Letter from the Reader

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"I can't look at what's going on. Listen to what is being said today. Parents lose a 1.5-year-old child, bringing them back to the hospital in agony after leading them to a smallpox party. So that the child can get infected and get sick with smallpox, which he suffers from once in a lifetime. Have your parents lost their minds?

Why did they do it?

To the right and left they say - out of stupidity. They scream - where they had their heads. They accuse and want parents to think that they have put the child in danger. They care about the people who are experiencing their personal tragedy. On the Internet forums write horrible things, throw mud at the parents of the deceased child. What of them are these people?

I can't read this.

The dead child probably had parents who loved them and wanted the best for him. They considered all the pros and cons, had doubts, but took risks. Just like all of us. Every day. You don't have to send the child to a smallpox party.

Parents take risks every day

I agree - smallpox party is not the best idea, I wouldn't decide to expose my child to smallpox on purpose. However, I also take risks every day.

I accompany a younger child to a nursery and an older child to kindergarten. It's enough to throw me in the mud. In every kindergarten, smallpox parties are organized every day, there is also a flu party, not to mention the "usual" cough or cold. Staying in kindergarten is also a huge risk, as evidenced by sick children every now and then. When I take a child to kindergarten, I don't assume that he will die of flu complications. Just as the parents of the deceased child did not assume that he would die when he had smallpox.

Children get sick ...

I know a lot of children who go to kindergarten seven days a month ... they store the rest. Is the parent then? irresponsible, backward because despite many diseases, sends the child to kindergarten? Should they see snotty friends from the group, coughing friends, go out, go home with the child, so as not to expose the child to illness? Is a parent sending a child to a crèche during the flu season? Irresponsible? After all, he knows what it threatens ...

It is well known that many more children die of flu complications than smallpox. You can search for relevant information on this topic. There are a lot of them.Smallpox, on the other hand, is a mild disease and it usually goes without any complications. Yes, I agree, it is unpleasant for the whole family, tiring, but it is not dangerous in itself. I went through it as a child. My children got sick too. Just like whole groups in kindergartens.

I never know if he'll come back healthy

When I take my child to kindergarten, I never know if he'll be healthy again. Chickenpox spreads before symptoms appear.

There is a lot of danger in such a cluster of children as a nursery or kindergarten.

Shouts out loud - why did the parents choose the way of immunization through the smallpox party, and did not decide to have a vaccine?

Exactly. That's a good question.

Maybe because the vaccine is recommended, not reimbursed * - the cost of one dose is about PLN 200. Two doses must be given. Secondly, as is also known, smallpox vaccine does not protect against 100%, is to reduce the symptoms of the disease - also many parents ask about the sense of vaccinating children. Only in the preschool group of daughters two vaccinated children got smallpox, one passed smallpox "mild" (5-7 skin lesions), the other "normal" (about 100 lesions). What does it look like on a national scale? Unfortunately, this is not known - no one keeps statistics, nobody checks how many children actually got smallpox after vaccination, and what percentage of the vaccine proved effective. There is also a third thing - Duration of vaccine for smallpox. This is also talked about. It is possible to vaccinate a child, maybe the toddler will be lucky and not get sick, the vaccine will prove effective. However, for the rest of his life he will have to reckon with the fact that smallpox can get sick, even in difficult moments in life - remembering to "vaccinate" at the right moment, or vaccinate again.

Well, you can approach the matter differently - the parents of a tragically deceased child did wrong because they exposed the child to the disease consciously at such an early stage of life. They could wait for the toddler to be older and catch the virus himself. I agree. It is different to send a 1.5-year-old child to the nursery and face smallpox brought from kindergarten, and to expose the patient to disease consciously.

What could the parents be who did not decide to wait for the child to become infected?

I think that care ... and a practical approach. Smallpox disease forces you to stay at home for about 3-4 weeks. For working parents, this is a big problem. Therefore, if parents have the option of using the smallpox option at a convenient time for them, when they are able to provide the best care for their toddler ... they may think that this is a good solution. Sounds logical?

In my opinion, of course, this is not an ideal solution, because in itself exposing a child to illness, when you are almost 100% sure that the child will get sick, it is difficult to accept, but ... I consider criticizing the parents of a deceased child hypocrisy.

How many parents vaccinating a child with the MMR vaccine leave the child at home so that the vaccinated child does not infect their group mates? It is well known that MMR is a live virus vaccine. The child sheds viruses for at least 2-3 weeks after vaccination. At this time, it infects others, and is weakened by itself and can easily catch any infection and find it harder to pass through.

Who leaves the vaccinated child at home, out of concern for other kindergarten children, for those whose vaccine has not worked or has already stopped working? Who leaves a child after the recommended vaccination at home so that his immune system can return to full fitness?

You don't talk about it. However, it's easier to criticize parents who are experiencing drama.

It is not mentioned that in nurseries and kindergartens children deal with many viruses every day. Living there naturally and coming from children expelling them after vaccinations. Therefore, to be a reasonable parent, apart from categorically getting rid of the smallpox party, keep the child at home, fearing infection with flu or other diseases in nursery and kindergarten facilities, not to mention the clinic and hospital. Any illness in childhood can end in death. Smallpox like pneumonia or flu. "


* - in 2012 epidemiological indications regarding smallpox vaccination were extended. Children under 3 years of age in nurseries can take advantage of the free smallpox vaccine. (supplemented by