Time for mom

Looks familiar? Each of us sometimes has ...

Looks familiar? Each of us sometimes has ...

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I don't know a parent who never loses patience. Perfect, fully controlled and patient in every situation. And good. We are just humans. We are irritated, we sigh loudly, "we kill" with our eyes. We have enough. Sometimes we want to howl and run away where pepper grows.

Sometimes you have to be restrained in your reactions, it is not appropriate to gesticulate or raise your voice a little. However, there are situations that require that you calm down your child.

What do you think the famous mom says in the photo below? Maybe: calm down, Prince, everyone is looking at you?

A priceless eye expression, those squeezed teeth and a face that says it all ...

This is one of the most universal experiences of parents around the world.

I never felt like a princess until I saw this picture. :)


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