"High need baby," or a particularly demanding baby

"High need baby," or a particularly demanding baby

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Calm baby? You only know from stories ... Do you fight with colic, rainfall, loud dissatisfaction on countless occasions? Do you have the impression that parenting goes like rubble?

Going for a walk pass on protest and intermittent crying? Other children lie in a gondola and admire the clouds and leaves on the tree, your loud screams, wants to be worn constantly? When guests appear, the toddler grumbles? When you are alone, it is very absorbing, does not seem to give you a moment of peace? Do you feel like a live teat? You can't do anything about the baby?

You go sleepy, tired, you argue with your partner more often and blame what is going on? Is it your fault though? Why does the child behave as if he is making you angry? What is really going on?

Such a temperament

Your child is exceptionally sensitive demanding or otherwise - picky, not because you are a bad mother or an inexperienced father: it is worth pointing out at the very beginning. It's just like that. Poor consolation? Did you expect something else? I know…

I also know that, unfortunately, blaming yourself is not the best idea. On the contrary: it does not lead to anything at all, and sometimes it even takes away the strength and optimism, so necessary for caring for children.

High-need baby - a term that explains everything?

The problem with demanding, sensitive children who do not forgive any errors, shortcomings, uncertainty has been thoroughly described by a pediatrician Dr. William Sears and his wife, authors of popular guidebooks for parents, privately parents of eight children.

The fourth child of the Sears family, the daughter just a few moments after the birth showed "claws" and put into a state of stupor parents who have not yet met with such loud protest and constant involvement of their attention. Hayden was still hanging on her chest, demanding to be carried, hugged, sleeping together. It was not possible to put her at least for a moment, which was a great challenge for everyone and at the same time a surprise. The Sears tried different methods, listened to advisers who ordered the little one to leave her to cry a little ...

Fortunately, Hayden was neither the first nor the last child, and the Sears were easier. They were not convinced that the behavior of the newborn is the result of their mistakes, wrongdoings, neglect.

They quickly understood that the child does not become a high need baby, it is born that way. It is "irreplaceable", absorbing and in the long run extremely tiring, and these features become assets in the future.

How do you know a high-need baby - a "difficult" baby?

High-need baby is a child who immediately striking. In many respects, it's different from other babies. You can write about him like this: is more sensitive, definitely more demanding and unpredictable. The parent does not know what will happen in a moment, not to mention what awaits him the next day. He can't be sure of absolutely nothing.


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