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8 quick ways to mosquito bite

8 quick ways to mosquito bite

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We love summer because it is warm, you can spend a lot of time outdoors in your favorite way. Unfortunately, this pleasure is often disturbed by mosquitoes. Fortunately, we know natural, effective ways to do what seems inevitable ...

How to soothe the pain after biting a mosquito in a simple way, reaching for products that we always have on hand? Here is a list of reliable ways.

Mosquito Essential Oils

You can reach for tea tree oil, lavender, coconut oils, which effectively relieve itching, pain, reduce swelling, additionally have antibacterial effects (tea tree oil), which reduces infections and reduces the need for scratching. If the oil is too concentrated, you can dilute it in water before applying to the skin.

Lemon or lime juice after a mosquito bite

Citruses can effectively reduce itching after a mosquito bite. In addition, they have antibacterial properties. However, it is worth diluting them a little in water so that their effect on the delicate skin of the child is not too intense.

Toothpaste for mosquito bite

Toothpaste has many uses. Some effectively use them for various skin changes, for example, eczema. It can also be applied to a bubble after a mosquito bite.

How it's working? The menol contained in the paste gives a feeling of coolness, which reduces the problem with itching. In addition, the astringent effect helps reduce swelling.