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Colds in pregnancy - safe and effective methods

Colds in pregnancy - safe and effective methods

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Advising a pregnant woman or future daddy who was sent to the pharmacy by his sick wife is a real challenge for the pharmacist ... The more that A cold in pregnancy is a serious problem. Due to the naturally reduced immunity of a woman expecting a child, she may appear several times within 9 months. How to deal with the disease? What can you use safely?

Colds in pregnancy: it's a challenge

When a future dad comes to the pharmacy for cold medicines for a pregnant wife, the safest and easiest way to recommend resting, lying in bed and staying at home. But if that's not enough ...? Then we can suggest raspberry, rosehip, linden or elderberry tea. Another natural ways are milk with garlic and butter, onion or garlic syrup.

However, what to do when a sick expectant mother insists on finding a special, safe and effective medicine for her, for example a cold?

When recommending taking the drug during pregnancy, it is suggested to be as cautious as possible and to use pharmaceuticals when there are clear indications. Most drugs cross the placenta and are therefore able to interact with the fetus with various potentially harmful effects. Toxicity and extent of the drug's effect on fetal development and reactivity depend heavily on fetal age, potency and dose. The more advanced the pregnancy, the more theoretically the greater the choice of safe preparations. On the other hand, two weeks before the due date, it is recommended to give up some of them.

What can you use during pregnancy? Good methods for colds in pregnancy

Garlic often called the "natural antibiotic", the sulfur compounds contained in it inhibit the growth of microorganisms, has a strong antiviral and bactericidal effect.

Zinc and vitamin C. neutralize free radicals, in addition, zinc is responsible for the production of T lymphocytes, which improve the functioning of the immune system.

Wild Rose is a source of vitamin C, thanks to which it has antioxidant (supporting natural immune mechanisms) and also seals blood vessels.

Aronia is another strong antioxidant. And every infection is an increased oxidative stress for the body.

Vitamin D in turn, it is responsible for the formation of antibacterial proteins: cathelicidin and retrocycline-2, which help to fight the symptoms of the disease faster.

Two preparations that I can recommend to a pregnant woman

Prenatal GripCare (15 capsules / approx. 20 PLN)
The preparation includes natural substances such as: garlic, onion, wild rose, chokeberry, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D3.
Prenatal GripCare strengthens the natural immunity, shortens the duration of the infection, and also supports the proper functioning of the immune system.

It can be recommended to pregnant and lactating women:

  • in flu states
  • in colds
  • prophylactically during periods of increased susceptibility to colds and flu

prophylactically it is recommended to take 1 capsule daily, while in the case of flu conditions 2 capsules a day.
Important manufacturer information: Prenatal GripCare should be taken under the manufacturer's supervision !!!

Precautions: The preparation should not be used 2 weeks before the planned date of delivery.
Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Prenalen (syrup 150g / 17 PLN)
The preparation contains natural ingredients: garlic, raspberry, black currant, vitamin C.
Prenalen is intended for pregnant and breastfeeding women both for prophylaxis and symptoms of colds.
Dosage: It is recommended to take 1 tablespoon of syrup 3 times a day in the period of increased incidence of flu and colds.
Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the preparation ingredients.
After opening, store the preparation no longer than 7 days.
The preparation has positive reviews from the Mother and Child Institute.

Both preparations are available at the pharmacy no prescriptionHowever, manufacturers recommend using them under medical supervision.
After consulting a doctor, it is possible to use additional preparations that reduce fever and reduce sore throat.

And what certainly not to use?

This is a list of examples of substances that a pregnant woman cannot use: