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Cetaphil Da Ultra intensive moisturizing cream

Cetaphil Da Ultra intensive moisturizing cream

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Nowadays, allergy in various forms dominates among skin diseases. One of its troublesome varieties is skin allergy, especially in children, which causes AD and various types of eczema all over the body.

Allergies and dry skin are the most common problem of young children, often right after birth. Store shelves bend with baby creams, each one has the information that it is an antiallergic product, which is not always true. Often after application to the toddler's face, it turns out that the specific allergic.

In the pharmacy, the choice of emollients is also large and the most important issue remains choosing the right cosmetic for our child, because the fact that a given product serves one does not necessarily mean that it will be good for the other.

Some time ago, a dermatologist advised me to try Cetaphil. I honestly admit that I am quite skeptical about new cosmetics, especially pharmacy ones, because they work differently and cost a lot, but what a parent will not do to help a little child ...

Cethapil is an intensively moisturizing cream o 85g capacity, very pleasant consistency, light, after application the skin becomes well moisturized, but not oily. The cream belongs to the group of dermocosmetics and its effect lasts up to 24 hours.

Its most valuable ingredients are panthenol, silicones, Shea butter, macadamia nut oil. The task of the cream is to restore the natural lipid coat of the skin and maintain a constant level of hydration.

cream does not contain fragrances or allergens. In fact, the product moisturizes very well even very dry skin, even on the irritated part it does not cause burning and even brings relief. It is perfect not only for allergy sufferers, but also for every child before a winter or windy walk, it can be used in children right after birth. There are no contraindications to frequent use of the cream, we apply it to the skin when we see the need.

The cream has been awarded the Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology distinction and for discovering the year in the 2011 Customer Laurel competition. I personally recommend it to every mother who has a child with a skin problem, you can easily brush it on the face, hands and even other redness on the body and after a few hours observe the effects. The cream is very efficient, a small application is enough, although unfortunately it is quite expensive price around 40 PLN.

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