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"Miss diabetes" - a controversial card from Biedronka and indignation of parents of children suffering from diabetes

"Miss diabetes" - a controversial card from Biedronka and indignation of parents of children suffering from diabetes

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After a loud promotion with mascots of "Świeżak Gang", the well-known discount chain "Biedronka" launched another action. "Świeżaków gang Festively" are cards about healthy eating. The campaign has a noble purpose, its goal is to promote healthy eating, eating vegetables and fruits, and an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, it turns out that the idea has not been fully thought out. The controversy concerns especially one of the "Miss Diabetes" cards. Parents of children with type 1 diabetes call for intervention.

What's the problem?

The main complaint that parents of children with type I diabetes have is that no distinction between type I and II diabetes. Although these diseases have the same name, they differ significantly. Type II diabetes occurs in adults, there are no children with type II diabetes in Poland. Most often it is caused by a poor lifestyle, caused by a sweet, little varied diet and lack of exercise. Type II diabetes can be countered.

materials on the "Biedronki" website

However, there is also type I diabetes, which develops most often in patients under 30 years of age and more often in children. Until now, the reasons for its creation have not been known. It is known for sure that its appearance is NOT influenced by either lifestyle or diet, it is an autoimmune disease. It is also not known how to prevent type I diabetes.

Why was the card "Miss diabetes" from the new "Biedronka" campaign badly thought out?

Because it goes to the hands of children. And among children there are no people with type II diabetes. There are children with type I diabetes.

The card reproduces the wrong stereotype that diabetes can be prevented, that diabetes is the result of poor nutrition. The problem is that it's not true or otherwise: only in the context of type II diabetes. Where type I diabetes occurs, these theses are no longer valid. The claim that diabetes could be prevented harms especially small children, one and a half years old, two years old, five years old, who "have not yet eaten sweets" and have already fallen ill. It also affects older diabetics who are already able to read and whose peers laugh at them because of the damn card from "Biedronka".

A controversial card from Biedronka

"Miss Diabetes is a secretive shrew. He loves sweets and greasy pleasures. In the body quietly crouching weakens us unnoticed "- we will read on the card" Miss Diabetes ". The card has a negative power of minus 42 points.

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with it. The action has a worthy goal. Parents of children with type I diabetes, however, alert and demand the card be withdrawn. Please, do not duplicate harmful claims. They are sorry, because their sick children meet with unpleasant comments from their peers.

What does "Biedronka" say?

Regrets that the information on the card is interpreted differently than the company intended. For now, I do not plan to withdraw the card.

Parents of sick children consider bringing a case to court. They feel injured, emphasize that their children, as a result of spreading false information, are discriminated against.


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