Work on extending paternity leave is underway!

Work on extending paternity leave is underway!

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Members rarely agree. This time, however, they showed that if you want, you can. All clubs were in favor of directing work on the law extending paternity leave from two to eight weeks. For everyone, the idea proved worth refining. The draft amendment to the Labor Code is a proposal of the Palikot Movement.

Dariusz Dziadzio from the Republic of Poland argues that the act is to ensure that fathers can look after their children for a longer period of time and is to enable breaking the trend of unequal treatment of duties by women and men in the family. Positive opinion by the Sejm is another important step to make longer holidays for fathers effective from 2013.

On the other hand, Civic Platform MP noticed that very few daddies are currently using the option of going to paternity leave for two weeks. She emphasized that it is necessary to consider why this is happening and to discuss whether extending the leave will not make the use of "free" even less parents than before.

MEPs devoted the most time to the provision that paternity leave may not be used at the same time as maternity leave. Opponents of this solution show that in this way parents will not be able to enjoy caring for the child in two, and on the other hand that a woman in need of support, especially in the first weeks, will not be able to use it. Proponents of this condition emphasize that in this way a woman will be able to rest, return to work faster and pursue her own passions, and a man will be able to take care of the child to a greater extent. In this way, you will avoid a situation where, despite paternity leave, most of the duties with childcare will fall on the woman (who will also be "free" at that time).

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