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Paternity leave - increasingly popular among men in Poland

Paternity leave - increasingly popular among men in Poland

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He took paternity leave in Poland, according to ZUS statistics, in 2015 every third Polish dad. It is getting better every year, although there is still a lot to do. It is worth disseminating knowledge on this subject so that paternity leave could be used by every young dad in the country.

A few words about history ...

Paternity leave remained introduced in 2010. Initially, men used it very sparingly, for lack of knowledge or simply fearing losing their job. Fortunately, it's getting better every year.

On July 24, 2015, the provisions of the Labor Code were amended (Article 182 (3) of the Labor Code) and more favorable conditions for granting paternity leave have been introduced since January 2016, enabling the paternity leave to be broken down into parts and used for a longer period of time, and not as before until the child reaches the age of one.

Paternity leave: for whom?

He is entitled to paternity leave dad employee. He may exercise this right biological father and adoptive father.

Paternity leave is not due to a self-employed person (self-employed). A dad having his own business can, however, take advantage of allowance for this for a period of 14 days. In addition, he is exempted from social security contributions for 14 days, which should be reduced proportionally.

Note, however, the right to paternity leave applies to men who pay voluntary (when running your own business) sickness insurance contributions.

Paternity leave: independent of other benefits

Paternity leave is independent of other benefits - vacation, maternity leave. The father may take paternity leave, irrespective of whether the child's mother is insured and whether he is currently on maternity or other leave.

Paternity leave may be taken at the same time as the child's mother is on maternity leave. It can be used in any way, for example, for a joint trip, vacation, etc.

How long is paternity leave?

Paternity leave lasts 14 days (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

When can paternity leave be used?

Leave for fathers, according to the amendment that entered into force in 2016, can be used until the child is two years old. A man can immediately choose a two-week vacation or divide it into two parts, opting for weekly holidays in different months.

Paternity benefit: amount

Paternity leave is 100% paid. It is financed from the ZUS sickness fund. In financial terms, a working parent loses nothing when they decide to use it. In the case of entrepreneurs, the amount of paternity benefit is 100% of the contribution base (determined individually), in addition, for two weeks, the amount of ZUS contributions paid is reduced proportionally.

Father working full time to get leave, should submit a written application for leave to his supervisor. This should be done at least 7 days before the planned vacation. The employer must agree to leave on the date chosen by the employee. The employer cannot terminate the contract while on vacation.

The entrepreneur, on the other hand, submits to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) a benefit payment for a period of two weeks.

Unused holiday within 24 months of childbirth is forfeited. It is not possible to receive a cash equivalent for it.