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Bibetta Bib, Ultrabib

Bibetta Bib, Ultrabib

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It would seem that a bib is just a bib. However, this was my opinion before this wonder came into my hands.

The Ultrabib bib is made of a material that is used to create swimming foams. It feels soft, gives a fairly characteristic impression, and also exhibits 100% water resistance and high elasticity. A huge plus for absorbency, which protects clothes against dirt. Equipping the bib with a special pocket means that it also protects the pants from getting dirty. The towel on the knees, used so far during meals, turned out to be unnecessary thanks to it. Everything would be great if ... not the price: for a bib for many, certainly prohibitive. Bagatela 40 zlotys.

Often awarded

Bibetta Bib is a laureate of many awards. The English manufacturer has been awarded in five industry competitions, gaining very good recommendations.


Available in several sizes, it can be used not only for one baby, but also to join gadgets passed from hand to hand. It is very durable and very practical. Looking at it from this angle, it may suddenly turn out that the cost is no longer that high. After trying this product, I would also consider buying it with a friend. And in my case, a person who is quite critical of "all news" already has a very telling recommendation.

In addition, the bib is easy to clean. Most dirt will be removed with a damp cloth.


There are also minuses. Here, in the first field, very subjective feelings of the daughter come out, in whom this bib did not arouse admiration. Perhaps because it is heavier or less "free" to use than the cotton bibs used in our home? It is difficult to say ... Perhaps the reason is a lack of trust in new products? Or maybe you just need to mark your independence and choose everything that your mom does not choose at the moment?

On the other hand, I must say that at this stage, when the daughter is 21 months old, the bib is less and less needed. It is true that sometimes it happens that something falls out of a fork and then the pocket is useful, but surprises in the form of splashes on the whole blouse are a thing of the past. Therefore, this undoubtedly useful item is recommended for mothers, babies and children around one year old. To a lesser extent older: unless your children eat "sweeping" :)


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