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Green amniotic fluid - a cause for concern?

Green amniotic fluid - a cause for concern?

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Fetal waters in the correct delivery they are transparent, possibly whitish, straw. If after the rupture of the fetal bladder, we notice green fetal waters or red or brown, you must go to the hospital immediately.

The changed color of the amniotic fluid may (but does not have to!) Indicate a serious threat to the life and health of the child.

In some cases, this is not a disturbing signal. Still, caution is advised, because green fetal water is indicative of hypoxia, which may recur during labor.

Why is fetal water green?

The fetal waters become green when the baby is in the womb gives away the tar, first pile. Under normal conditions, the first bowel movement should occur after delivery, on day 1-3 of life (most newborns give mecon in the first 24 hours of life).

The excretion of meconium into amniotic fluid can have various causes. Is based on strong reaction under which the sphincters relax and the tar is removed. This mechanism may result from:

  • from hypoxia,
  • from intrauterine stress.

The reason may also be different - mother's acute infection at the end of pregnancy. The risk of developing green fetal water increases with transferred pregnancies.

Why is green fetal water a cause for concern?

Although in many cases green fetal water is not a cause for concern, delivery is normal and the baby is born healthy, when they appear, you should respond. It happens that they anticipate problems that occur during delivery. Make it your child has trouble breathing. Therefore, a child born from green waters should be closely watched and taken care of by a good pediatrician.

There is also a risk aspiration of amniotic fluid during delivery. In this situation, it is often ordered antibiotic administration. It is not uncommon for a newborn baby to be in an incubator.

Green fetal water - what to do?

If the amniotic fluid leaves and is green, you should immediately go to the hospital. Even if the contraction has not yet begun. It is recommended to remain lying down and call an ambulance.